Are NCERT Solutions Class 11 Enough for Scoring 95%+ for CBSE Exam?

The NCERT textbooks and solutions are considered the holy grail when it comes to preparing for the CBSE board exams. Many students solely rely on studying NCERT books for scoring high marks in Class 11 final exams. But is studying only NCERT material enough to score 95% and above in the CBSE Class 11 board exam? Let’s find out.

Understanding NCERT Solutions for Class 11

NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training. It is an organization that develops textbooks and other educational material for CBSE schools in India.

The NCERT solutions class 11 provide step-by-step explanations and answers for all the questions given in the NCERT textbooks. These solutions are created by expert teachers and cover all the chapters of the major subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, etc.

In-depth Answers: Offering a comprehensive breakdown of every problem in the NCERT solutions. It isn’t just about the solution but understanding the path to reach it.

Spanning Key Subjects: From the sciences like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to the complexities of Mathematics, NCERT solutions touch every corner.

Why NCERT Class 11 Holds Its Ground in Academic Importance

The significance of NCERT isn’t just tradition; it’s rooted in undeniable benefits:

  • Updated Curriculum: The NCERT solutions class 11 reflect the latest CBSE syllabus, ensuring students are always on the right track.
  • Prime Source: Many questions in CBSE papers are directly lifted or inspired by the concepts within NCERT.
  • Conceptual Mastery: These books don’t just focus on information but also emphasize understanding the ‘why’ behind every concept.
  • Self-Reliant Learning: With solutions acting as a guiding hand, students can often study and evaluate their progress independently, fostering a sense of confidence.

Thus, NCERT solutions class 11 build a strong base by explaining all the fundamentals in a simple manner. A conceptual understanding of topics is very important to tackle any type of question in the exams

What is the Role of NCERT Solutions Class 11 in CBSE Class 11 Exam Preparation?

NCERT solutions class 11 play a pivotal role in the preparation strategy for CBSE Class 11 exams. Here’s how NCERT solutions help students in their exam prep:

  • Chapter-wise NCERT solutions for Class 11  provide a complete understanding of all concepts.
  • Solutions give clarity on the methodology of solving textual and numerical questions.
  • Regular practice of NCERT exercises improves speed and accuracy.
  • NCERT questions are set in an exam-oriented manner.
  • Practicing these questions prepares you for the exam level of questions.
  • Students can self-evaluate their progress by checking solutions.
  • NCERT solutions for class 11  act as a quick revision tool before exams.

Thus, diligent practice of NCERT solutions 11 enables thorough exam preparation and develops problem-solving skills. NCERT solutions class 11 coupled with NCERT exemplar problems provide comprehensive practice for acing the CBSE Class 11 exam.

Tips to Use NCERT Solutions Class 11 Effectively for Excellent Scores

  1. Read the ncert textbook chapter first to build clarity of concepts.It is important to first read the chapter thoroughly to understand the concepts covered in it. This builds a foundational knowledge required to effectively use the NCERT solutionsc lass 11.
  1. Solve the intext and chapter end exercises yourself first. Trying the textbook questions yourself first develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It also prepares you to learn from the class 11 ncert  solutions.
  1. Refer to NCERT solutions 11 to cross-check your answers. After solving questions independently, refer to NCERT solutions to check if your methodology and answers are correct. This helps identify mistakes.
  1. Understand the step-by-step solving methods given in solutions. NCERT solutions class 11 explain the step-wise approach for solving textual and numerical problems. Carefully understanding these methods is key for application-based questions.
  1. Note down important formulas, definitions, diagrams, etc.Making notes of key terms, formulas, diagrams from NCERT solutions class 11 helps in revision and retention. These are important for theory questions.
  1. Revise the solutions regularly to retain what you learn. Revising NCERT solutions 11 at regular intervals ensures you don’t forget the concepts and problem-solving methods. This aids in long-term retention.

Are NCERT Solutions Class 11 alone enough for 95% plus in Exam?

Studying only NCERT textbooks and solutions may not be enough to achieve 95% marks in CBSE Class 11 final exam. Here are some reasons why:

NCERT covers the basic minimum syllabus. CBSE question paper can go beyond NCERT level. You need to have speed and accuracy in solving questions within time limit. Only NCERT practice may not help develop that. CBSE may twist questions or modify their difficulty level in final exam. Exam questions assess application and analytical skills. NCERT solutions class 11 have direct questions. To score 95%+, you need to attempt extra questions beyond NCERT. Thorough understanding of concepts is equally important as solving questions. CBSE will take viva, project work, practical marks also in final score.

Thus, solely sticking to NCERT textbooks and solutions will cover the basic syllabus but may not be enough practice to master the advanced level of application and speed required to score 95% and above in CBSE Class 11 exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions Class 11

Q1. Why are NCERT textbooks and solutions so important for CBSE Class 11 exam preparation?

NCERT books and solutions are important for CBSE Class 11 exam preparation because they are designed based on the latest exam syllabus and pattern. Studying NCERT solutions class 11 helps build a strong conceptual foundation on all topics and prepares students for the exam level of questions.

Q2. How should I use NCERT solutions for effective exam preparation?

First read the textbook chapters thoroughly. Solve the exercises yourself before cross-checking answers with NCERT solutions class 11. Understand the step-by-step methods given in solutions and note down important points. Revise solutions regularly and practice unsolved questions.

Q3. Is studying only NCERT books enough to score 95% in CBSE Class 11 exam?

No, studying only class 11 NCERT textbooks and solutions may not be enough to score 95% in Class 11 exam. You need to solve past years papers, sample papers, and reference books too. Focus on speed and accuracy of solving questions.

Q4. What are some tips to use NCERT solutions effectively?

Tips include reading chapters first, solving questions yourself before checking solutions, revising solutions regularly, making notes, clearing doubts, solving unsolved questions from exemplar books and previous years’ papers.

Q5. What should I study apart from NCERT textbooks and solutions?

Along with NCERT, students should solve past 10 years CBSE question papers, sample papers, objective questions, extra reference books suggested by teachers, make revision notes, appear for mock tests, work on weak areas.


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