Body Yogurt: Nourishing Your Skin with Nature’s Goodness

It’s time to recharge yourself with rainy walks and bike rides, after all our most loved monsoon is here. But everything comes with pros and cons, right? The monsoon is here with a lot of humidity, the reason for skin dryness and breakouts, Ugh! But don’t worry, Body Yogurt has got you covered!

Yes, you read it right, Body yogurts. The hydrating gel everyone is hyped up about. If you are still covering your body with those heavy and greasy lotions, then it’s time to upgrade your skin regime. Most of us have used serum with hyaluronic acid and would know the drastic effect on our facial skin. similarly, our skincare gurus have come up with hyaluronic acid in body moisturizers for even-toned and nourished skin. Further, we’ll learn more about this newly introduced beauty.

All You Need to Know About Body Yogurts- Texture, Effects, And Benefits

When we say Body Yogurt, the first thing that comes to our mind is yogurt. Are we gonna use yogurt? Well, it’s not! It has been given the name as it consists of all the benefits of curd/yogurt. Curd is very beneficial to both consume and apply to the body and hair, as it nourishes our skin deeply and heals dryness. Likewise, body yogurt is made to provide deep nourishment without feeling heavy and greasy plus it’s lightweight. Let us tell you about what body yogurt feels like and its benefits.

●      It’s Lightweight – Lightweight moisturizers are easy for the skin to absorb, these lightweight creams not only hydrate but also soften the skin. One layer provides enough hydration for the skin and also helps to absorb other skin products like makeup and SPF, without making it look cakey.

●      Gel-Like Structure– Body yogurts are mostly water-based, unlike heavy oil-based creams. It is easy to apply like gels and provides long-lasting hydration like moisturizers without making you feel oily.

●       Bouncy Texture– Body yogurt has a unique texture, it’s quite bouncy which is proof of its being lightweight and supple. Soft cream makes your skin softer.

●      Cooling– While applying body yogurt, you will feel a cool breeze being applied to your skin, it has a minty cool calming effect and freshness. Also, it helps your skin fight thick layers of humidity by providing a cooling refreshment.

What Is the Difference Between Body Yogurt and Body Butter?

No matter what weather it is, our body needs to be moisturized 365 days. Of course, there are a lot of promising products in the market that can make your skin glow and feel hydrated. In today’s date, two of the best products that provide deep nourishment to your skin are body yogurt and body butter. In our opinion both are eminent. Now the question is which of both you should choose? If you are confused, no worries, we have got you! To help you choose the best moisturizer, we have listed down some of the points of comparison.

            Body Yogurt                          Body Butter

Body yogurts are especially created to be applied on damp skin; they get absorbed quickly. Body butter is applied after patting dry our skin and takes a little more time to be absorbed.
Body yogurt is a water-based moisturizer. Body butter is a butter and oil-based moisturizer
It has a lightweight consistency. it has a denser texture.
Body yogurts are suitable for all skin types. People with dry skin are supposed to use body butter.
It can be used in any season since it is lightweight. Winter is the only suitable season to apply body butter.
Body yogurts are truly vegan. Body butter contains butter that is derived from animals, so it cannot be considered vegan.

Directions To Use Body Yogurt

Just like we mentioned above, body yogurts are made to be applied on damp skin, and it is specially designed for all our fast-paced generation. It can be difficult sometimes when you are getting late for your work and have 5 minutes to get ready, Lotion on wet skin can feel greasy, while body yogurts are believed to be absorbed within 15 seconds. If you are looking for natural products for your skin, Natural Splash has one of the best body yogurt for dry skin. Here are some tips on how to use body yogurt correctly.


  • Use it after showering on damp skin
  • Take a gentle amount of body yogurt and apply it on your skin
  • Massage it in a circular motion
  • Wait for a few seconds and you are good to go!


In this blog, we discussed the effects of humidity and how it can be prevented with the use of body yogurts. It has other great benefits like its absorbency and hydration power. Body yogurt by Natural Splash has a unique texture, unlike regular lotions as it is bouncy and lightweight. We compared both hyped-up nourishing products, ‘Body yogurt’ and ‘Body butter’ respectively. We got to know the difference, Body yogurts are suitable for all skin types and can be used regardless of changing weather.

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