5 Cheapest Areas In Pune For Rent!

Pune is no longer known as the city of pensioners and is rapidly moving towards becoming a hub for students and migrant working people. These individuals often look for a rental place to live. However, just like buying a property, it takes work to rent one in this metropolitan area of Maharashtra. Several aspects need to be considered before finalising one, and one of the most important aspects is the budget.

Middle-class working migrants and students usually search for a place with low rent. But, they might get disappointed after hearing that the rental prices in Pune are always very high. To bust the bubble of myth, it is crucial to know that there are several areas in the city where one can rent a decent place at a low price. This post will introduce you to some of these areas where one can rent flats in Pune cheaply without the need to stay far away from the city’s centre.

Affordable areas in Pune for rent

Finding an affordable rental place within a metropolitan city requires much effort. However, if you are looking for one in Pune, below is a list of areas you must focus on. These localities offer rental flats/ apartments at an affordable price without forcing you to live away from the city’s centre.

  1. Vishrantwadi

One of the first localities that comes to mind when looking for affordable rental places in Pune is Vishrantwadi. It is a vast area and one of the most populous ones in the city. Vishrantwadi is close to the Pune International Airport, Alandi Road, SNBP College, Dr Ambedkar College, Kedarnath General Hospital and Serene Hospital, making it well-connected to the rest of the city. It is relatively peaceful, less polluted and has good infrastructure. The rent for a 1 BHK flat in Vishrantwadi ranges from INR 7500 to INR 8200.

  1. Katraj

With a rent range of around INR 7200 to INR 8400 for a 1 BHK apartment, Katraj is the next locality on this list. It is situated near National Highway 4 and is a popular area in the city for young professionals and students. Commuting to the rest of the city from Katraj is easy and affordable as it is located near Swargate bus depot. Surrounding the Katraj Lake, this locality was earlier a rural area. However, today it has several residential housing projects offering affordable rental apartments. It is close to educational institutions like Bharati Vidyapeeth University.

  1. Wagholi

Moving forward in this list, Wagholi is worth mentioning. It is one of the best areas in Pune for IT professionals, close to several IT parks like Giga Space IT and Eon IT Park. The rental rates in this area are very affordable and range from INR INR 6800 to INR 7700 for a 1 BHK flat. In addition to being close to the IT parks of the city, it is also close to the Pune International Airport and various educational institutions like Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana’s College and Imperial College of Engineering. Wagholi is a preferred locality to rent a place due to its proximity to social amenities like malls, parks and hospitals.

  1. Dhankawadi

Dhankawadi is your go-to area if you are looking for a rental place near National Highway 4. This locality has rapidly transformed into a highly populated urban area from a rural one. Living in Dhankawadi is extremely cost-friendly as not only will you pay a low rent, but it is also affordable to commute to the rest of the city from here. It is well connected to the city’s centre by auto-rickshaws and buses. The rent for a 1 BHK flat in this area ranges from INR 8500 to INR 9700. Students and working professionals of the Pune Institute of Computer Technology must look at this locality.

  1. Dhayari

Another popular cheap rental location in Pune is Dhayari. It is located at the intersection of National Highway 4 and Sinhagad Road. The affordability factor of this locality has made it one of the most decent ones in the city for young professionals and students. For renting 1 BHK flat in this area, the price ranges from INR 6200 to INR 7500. It is near Symphony IT Park, Asian College of Commerce, Khadakwasla Dam and Sinhagad College. Regarding social amenities, Dhayari is near Adate Hospital, Vighnaharta Hospital, PuLa Deshpande Garden and Abhiruchi Mall & Multiplex.

Summing Up

Moving to a different city and leaving your home for a better lifestyle is a very significant step in one’s life. The numerous advantages of moving to a city as developed as Pune comes with several challenges, including finding an affordable rental apartment. The list, as mentioned earlier, will ease this for you. However, to make it much easier, visit a trusted real estate website like Home4us to help you find rental places near your office or college within your budget.

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