How Your Business Can Take a Turn with Roof Sign

To understand the importance of roof signs and how these signs can help your business to level up, we need to get into the basics first. So, what is a roof sign? while passing through the town, you must have seen huge boards on buildings, coach terminals, or taxi signs. These signs can be seen clearly from a distance, hence known as roof signs. Roof signs come in different forms, some might be in the form of a banner, some can be huge dimensional boards, or maybe a shiny box-like structure on a car. Majorly used for advertising by both global and local businesses to reach the common man’s eye. Further, we’ll discuss more about the purpose of roof signs and which type will be best to grab the public’s attention and expedite your business.

Types Of Roof Sign

1.   Roof Hoardings

Roof hoardings are secured panels made of either wooden or metal structures covered with banners. Usually, these types of hoardings are seen at traffic signals or heightened places. For instance, near flyovers to make the brand visible to bypassers. These hoardings can be taken on a monthly lease for both domestic and commercial projects. To make the best use of roof hoardings, a brand must use creative and eye-catchy graphics to represent its identity and purpose.

2.   Building Mounted Signage

The company or building named signs which are usually on the building’s exterior, serve a major role in advertising and branding. Having a huge noticeable roof sign from a distance creates a lasting impression on a person’s mind and makes them a potential buyer. Signs fixed on the roof are helpful for people to navigate a company’s location, easily. And it is an extremely important factor when it comes to hospitals and other emergency services. At times people refer building’s name as a landmark too, which is a great way for marketing your business.

3.   Car Roof Sign

You must have seen boards, on cars with readable information either about the driver being at the learning stage or delivery services. It is a great alternative to promote business and reach the local public. Car roof signs usually have the company’s name with the contact, which makes it easier for people to connect and get enrolled. If you have just started your business, vehicle signs can help your brand/services to build its presence in the meantime. These signs are fixed with the magnetic tool which makes it hassle-free.

Benefits Of the Roof Sign Your Business Gets:

●     Business Existence

When a new startup comes into existence or maybe an already existing company plans to grow, to accomplish the desired growth, one needs to reach a massive number of people. it’s very important to let people know about its existence. And that is only possible using visible company signs, once people will know about your company, they would engage and would want to get the benefits of the services a business provides. Using roof signs is a crucial part of the business to make its presence.

●      Business Branding

Your brand came into existence for a reason, and letting people know about the brand’s purpose and personality is a major key in attracting the crowd. A business promoted through creative visuals and a clear identity will save a lot of work. Through roof signs, all of these can be achieved effortlessly.


●     Proven To Be a Long Time Investment

Roof signs are just like employees working to grow your business. But the only difference is, these signs work 24/7.

Roof signs are sturdy and durable, nevertheless whichever form of roof sign you are using. Roof signs are considered to be a better investment as it stays strong and unchangeable for years, a   also help people to identify your business easily.


●     Gains Your Buyers Trust

If the company has a roof sign, it shows the permanency of the brand. To gain your buyer’s trust, a company needs to prove that they are here to stay. And building signage is a great way for that.


●     Helps in Increasing Sales

Once the brand reaches people in different areas with the use of taxi roof signs, It helps people to recognize the services provided by the brand, resulting in more engagement. Hence, it has a positive impact on business sales.

In the above, we understood the benefits of roof signs and how each type can be a great investment for your business. But now the question is which one you should invest in? Well, each one is unique and useful on its own, three of the above-mentioned roof signs can help your business grow. But, if you have to prioritize choosing any one option, that has to be car roof signs, as it is the only way which can reach people faster. How? If you noticed, the car roof sign is the only moving advertising object, which reaches people instead of waiting for people to pass by certain places to notice your brand. Isn’t that exceptional? Well, there are more pros of promoting business through car roof signs, read below to know.

Pros Of Advertising Your Business Through Car Roof Signs

  • Cars with roof signs are easy to spot among the traffic and so does your business name will be.
  • If your business is being promoted through LED roof signs, it increases the number of people which can be reached during nighttime.
  • Creates a positive impact on people, as more times they notice your brand in between the honking crowd.
  • Car roof signs are considered to be cost-efficient, as there are no extra costs of maintenance except for the selection and fixing structure.
  • For all the learning drivers, it provides safety as it gives off a huge sign to fast drivers to avoid close interactions with the car.
  • Last but not least, more reach brings more sales and of course more revenue. Time to count some dollars!

Various Options for Car Roof Sign by Roof Sign

Roof Sign company focuses on providing all the facilities to promote your business through car roof signs, there are various options you can choose from, to make your brand stand out amongst the crowd. And those are:

Led & Non-Led Sign – Roof Sign has a wide range of panels you can choose from, whether it’s a panel with a 3D structure, one with light or without, you can select the one that suits your business requirements. As for the fonts and size, Roof Sign provides multiple templates you can choose from.

Box Led Signs- If you are looking for little smaller structure which is attractive at the same time, you can go for Box-Led signs. These types of signs are suitable for both taxis and delivery services.

Custom Signs – there is huge room for designing if you plan to customize signs according to your business aesthetics. You can design your brand display structure for a car roof sign, its fonts, hues, and everything.


In conclusion, to increase business impressions one needs to use major advertising tools. Among all the branding and marketing strategies, promoting business through roof signs is proven to be effective. We explained various types of roof signs with their benefits. Above mentioned roof signs type are great alternatives to apply for promotion. In our opinion, car roof signs have maximum positive effects, as it is the only transportable advertising object.

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