Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system in the United States perpetuates racial divisions and inequality. Racial inequalities are in the criminal justice system, beginning with police interactions and ending with sentencing. For instance, research has shown that Black people are more likely to be stopped, searched, and detained by police and receive harsher sentences than white persons (Goffman, 2014). In addition, individuals of color have suffered a substantial portion of the negative consequences of the criminal justice system’s use of methods like stop-and-frisk and racial profiling. Because of this, there is a pressing need to change the criminal justice system to eliminate the pervasive racism that permeates it.

Regarding safe spaces, there should be designated areas where law enforcement officers cannot apprehend low-level offenders. People with warrants out for their arrest due to minor offenses should not be required to live in constant fear of being arrested, particularly if they are attempting to comply with court orders by going to work, school, or other necessary activities (Goffman, 2014). They should not be required to live in fear of being arrested. Building confidence between communities and law enforcement can be aided by establishing secure areas where individuals can go about their normal activities without the fear of being detained. In addition, the resources of the police department should be better used to address more urgent public safety issues. (Hire Custom Paper Writing Services)

The idea that criminals can be successfully rehabilitated while detained is one aspect of detention that can be inaccurately portrayed in popular culture. Although many programs run inside prisons have effectively lowered – offending, many individuals leave prison without the necessary knowledge, skills, or resources to properly reintegrate themselves into society after serving their time (Goffman, 2014). Also, the environment of jail, with its brutality and isolation, often significantly influences convicts’ mental health, making it more difficult for them to reconstruct their life after they are released. This is because the environment encourages unhealthy coping mechanisms.

The lack of conjugal visits in most states is likely due to the belief that allowing intimate relationships in prison would be a security risk. Inmates’ mental health, conduct, and family ties can benefit from conjugal visits. Conjugal visits should be authorized for certain offenders, especially those who have displayed excellent conduct and are committed to rehabilitation (Ross, 2012). Although there can be security issues, measures can be implemented to guarantee that visits are handled securely. (Hire Homework Assignment Helper Services)

Researchers and academics can take precautions to guarantee that policymakers and the public understand their results. They may, for instance, run initiatives aimed at educating and informing the public about their findings (Ross, 2012). They can also collaborate with decision-makers to craft policies grounded on research. Researchers might also publish their work in open-access journals to make their findings more readily accessible.

Those who work in criminal justice must actively try to confront their own biases and preconceptions to protect themselves from the potentially damaging effects of widely held but unchallenged myths and worldviews (McKenna, 2010). They can accomplish this by actively seeking out other points of view, participating in continual education and training, and working with locals to create more fair and just policies and procedures. Practitioners should also attempt to connect with persons and communities touched by the criminal justice system to understand their views and experiences better.

Thinking question: How can the criminal justice system be held responsible for addressing racism in the criminal justice system and achieving equality and justice? What part do people of the community play in the process of campaigning for change?

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