5 Most Popular Leather Materials On The Market Today

The most used leather materials on the market. Including products from genuine leather and faux leather. Within each of these categories further subdivided into different skin types. 

Natural leather material

These are natural leathers known as animal skins. They are mined and undergo processing, tanning. The end result is leather products for making sofas, bags, leather wallets, belts, watch bands… The most common types of animal skins are cowhide, buffalo skin, sheep skin, goat skin…

Leather Top Grain

Top Grain is the top layer of the animal’s skin. They range in thickness from 1mm to 1.5mm. Their thickness depends on the type of animal as well as climatic conditions, care and species. The most perfect of which are cowhide products from Italy with a cool climate, few blood-sucking insects, so the thickness and perfection are high. This is the most beautiful part of the animal skin, so it is prioritized to make high-class and sophisticated products.

Distinguish full grain leather and top grain leather

In this skin line they continue to be divided into 2 other types.

Full grain leather retains its original state from when it was declared. Thanks to that, the surface texture and other features are still almost perfect. They are then covered with a coating for added beauty, smoothness and shine.

Corrected grain is also known as corrected grain. Leather type that has been surface treated to enhance the shine of the leather surface. Moreover, they can also be created accents of skin texture on the surface. This leather has been treated to a high degree of perfection. However, their disadvantage is that they can be degraded if they do not know how to handle and preserve them.

Split leather – Slit . leather

True to their name when this is a treated leather material. They have removed the top grain so that they can be turned into suede or split leather and then cover the surface at will. With this coating, it is possible to add shine, color or texture to the leather. With different product lines and different needs, top grain leather or split slit leather can be used.

Grain and split leather split

The advantages of split leather are listed below

Diversity of colors when it is possible to dye and skin texture on the surface to meet the needs of customers.

The hardness required to make products of a certain shape. For example, high-end leather wallets, bags or cases.

Can resist water, moisture better than other leather materials. Because the top has been covered with a plastic layer to polish, color, and create a pattern.

Cons of slim skin

Due to the surface coating, the durability is also reduced. Easy to lead to cracking and peeling when used due to the uneven elasticity and expansion between parts of the skin.

Poor elasticity due to different surface composition.

Harder leather also creates inconvenience for users.

The surface of the leather material is not uniform between the products.

Faux leather material

Along with natural leather materials, there are also faux leather materials. The age is young when it has been used recently, but it is dominant. Gradually being replaced for natural leather products because of its many advantages. In all the leather product industries, here are the 3 most popular Faux leather lines on the market.

PU leather material

Crafted using backings, polyester textiles or scrap leather. Then covered with 1-2 layers of PVC to create the skin shape. The final step is to cover the surface of the Polyurethane to create the skin texture as well as the color of the leather. As a result, this faux leather material has many advantages with extremely high quality. Widely used in the fields of fashion, leather goods, leather materials production. 

Microfiber leather material

Leading among faux leather lines today. Microfiber leather is said to be the closest thing to real leather on the market. Not only are they similar in appearance, but their structure is also almost similar. Scientists have studied real leather and applied it to microfiber imitation leather. They simulate the 3D structure of real leather which is then knitted through. The results for faux leather are almost 90-95% similar to real leather. The outer surface is covered with PVC to help create colors and create arbitrary skin textures. Therefore, customers should not be surprised when the types of faux leather with leather texture are very diverse. Even some leather lines are smooth skin, no skin texture.

PVC leather material

However, due to the loose connection, there is a difference between the skin layer and the PVC layer. Leads to easily peeling, blistering or frayed conditions. Especially in hot and humid conditions or temperature changes are easy to get. It is for these reasons that PVC faux leather materials do not have high durability. Their estimated durability is only 2-3 years. 

With the sharing of Yan Chuang, we hope customers can distinguish the most popular leather materials on the market. We provide genuine leather, faux leather, PU leather, microfiber leather. Contact Yan Chuang immediately to receive the most specific quote.”


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