How Can You Prevent Water Damage to Your Car?

Water Damage to Your Car

The monsoon season is gorgeous but may also be hazardous to your vehicle. Heavy rains can create road waterlogging, causing catastrophic damage to your car. In this blog post, the specialists will offer you the best tips and vital materials you should have at home to protect your car from water damage

Stay tuned for the simple car accessories list to explore and implement, like car waterproof covers to keep your prized vehicle safe during the lovely monsoon season. While at it, a little växelspaksknopp (Swedish word gearknob or shifter knob) would not be a bad idea too.

Avoid Driving Across Standing Water

Most car owners have undoubtedly make this error at some point. One can never know how deep the standing water is and still proceed; this is when things go awry. Your automobile may stall in the middle of the road, leaving you with no way out. Also, if your car is standing in water for an extended time, water can seep inside the cabin, causing extensive damage.

As a result, one should always avoid driving across standing water and instead choose another route.

Maintain A High Rpm Range in First Gear

If you cannot find an alternate route and must travel across the mini-pond formed on the road, always drive in first gear. The advantage of staying in first gear with the rev’s high is twofold. 

For starters, it allows you to keep your car steady at low speeds while maintaining a firm grasp over the car’s trajectory. Second, it enables you to drive at faster revs, which aids in keeping water from entering the engine.

Drive Through the More Elevated Section of The Road

Leave the automobile and check the road conditions, if feasible, before jumping into the standing water. Look for the highest point of the road and go from there. This minimises the likelihood of your vehicle becoming entangled amid the water.

If Your Vehicle Comes to A Halt Amid the Water

This is not about “how to protect your car” but “how to protect yourself.” If your car becomes caught in the flood and the water rises, abandoning it and climbing out is preferable. 

Restarting Your Automobile

If your automobile stalls in the water’s midst, restart it as soon as possible, or don’t do it at all. It would be best to move swiftly because you need to start the engine before the water gets in. If you get too late and the water level is above the exhaust pipe, starting the automobile may lead to the worst thing possible, ‘hydro lock.’

When water enters the cylinder block, it damages the spark plugs, valves, and other components, likely rendering the vehicle incapable of combusting gasoline.

How to Protect Your Car from Water Damage While It Is Parked

  • Park Your Car Higher Up

Prevention is always preferable to cure, and this is the perfect example of that. If you have access to an elevated parking space, don’t hesitate to use it. This is especially important if you own a sedan or a hatchback lower to the ground.

During a downpour or flood, park your car on higher ground to limit the danger of water getting inside the vehicle and harming the electronics and mechanical parts.

  • Raise The Windows

Check that all four windows in your vehicle are correctly closed. There should be no gaps, as this could let water inside the cabin, which could be the scariest thing to happen to your car.

  • Disconnect The Batteries

If you can detect a flood, you must ideally unplug your automobile batteries. This will protect all of your car’s electricals if it is sinking.

Can Flood Water Damage Your Car, And What Should You Tell Your Insurance Company If It Does?

Yes. Floodwater can damage your vehicle’s engines, brakes, and interior. Water in your car can cause a lot of damage.

If you require assistance from your insurance company, ensure that your policy includes flooding. Comprehensive auto coverage is the only type of insurance that covers flood damage. Comprehensive coverage includes fires, theft, and driving through flooding.

Towing insurance is the most affordable policy that will aid you in floods if you need to stay safe and keep your automobile safe. Towing insurance is inexpensive and will assist you in getting your car to higher ground in a brewing storm.

Last Words

Floods are natural tragedies over which you have no control. The very least you can do is keep yourselves, your homes, and your vehicles safe. Carorbis is, without a doubt, the finest solution to protect your car from water damage. Get one of these protective gears, and you’ll never be afraid of a storm.

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