Should I Learn PHP or Laravel?

Learning a programming language is the first step of starting your programming journey. Usually first you should learn a frontend programming language, and once you master that next up is a backend language. Once mastery over the base language is achieved, then is the time to start working with a framework. So, PHP is a backend programming language and Laravel is one of its frameworks. PHP web developers can decide to learn any PHP framework they want like Laravel, Codeigniter, YII and more.

What are PHP and Laravel?

Laravel is a framework of PHP server-side scripting language, used to create dynamic web pages. 

PHP is a popular language for creating web applications, and it is used by many large companies, such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo!. PHP is easy to learn, and actually is a good choice for beginners wanting to enter the web development world. Official documentation is the best source for learning and getting regular updates as they are officially launched. Otherwise, there are other resources like youtube, online courses etc.

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework, and frameworks provide more control to programmers. Additionally it saves time by providing pre-built features as well giving structure to the application. Laravel is built on the MVC programming paradigm. Learning Laravel without any prior knowledge of PHP is possible, however it is risky, you will run into problems, and your productivity will suffer. On top of that, taking complete advantage of the framework would not be possible.

  • Eloquent ORM, an object-relational mapper that provides a fluent interface to accessing data from your database.
  • Blade, a powerful templating engine that allows you to create beautiful and responsive user interfaces.
  • Artisan, a command-line interface that makes it easy to perform common tasks such as creating new projects, migrations, and seeding your database.
  • Laravel Mix, a tool that allows you to compile your Sass and Less files into CSS, as well as your JavaScript files into ES6.
  • Unit testing support, with built-in support for PHPUnit and Mockery.

If you want to become good Laravel developers then strong knowledge of PHP is a must. 

Should I learn PHP or Laravel?

Wanting to learn purely depends on your goals and experience level. If you are a beginner, learning PHP first is the right way to go. PHP is easy to learn so there would not be a problem. Once you master PHP, then you should move to learning Laravel. Laravel is a good choice for experienced developers who want to build high-quality web application.

Pros and cons of PHP and Laravel



  • Easy to learn
  • Widely used
  • Many resources available


  • Not as powerful as some other languages
  • Not as well-suited for large-scale applications



  • Powerful
  • Well-suited for large-scale applications
  • Popular


  • Can be complex to learn
  • Not as widely used as PHP

It is recommended to learn PHP before Laravel because PHP is the programming language that Laravel is built on. Learning PHP will give you a solid foundation in the concepts and syntax that are used in Laravel. This will make it easier for you to learn Laravel and start building your own applications.

Benefits of learning PHP before learning Laravel

  • Have a better understanding of underlying Laravel code.
  • Troubleshoot Laravel problems easily.
  • Contribute to the Laravel community.
  • Build complex and powerful applications.


Here is a recap! To learn Laravel the right way it to start by learning PHP first. For that many great resources online to help you get started. After understanding PHP, move towards learning Laravel. If you are a mid level developer or have prior development experience you can directly start with learning Laravel. 

If you want to hire php coders then vteams is the go-to place for top-notch and remote resources. If you are looking specifically to hire Laravel programmers then check out the link. Laravel is an excellent career choice if you want to start a career in web development and work with a robust framework.

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