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Helping clients to Recover lost money is not something every expert can brag about, at Detechgeek our experts are highly knowledgeable on how to handle spent transactions on the blockchain or if you lost money in any form of fraud or scam. Not everyone can be as lucky as Mike, who was overjoyed explaining how he was able to get all his lost retirement savings back from a crypto investment institution.


Investment scams like crypto investments are complex and sophisticated because there are fundamental and unforeseen risks in the digital asset world. People often think they will never fall for such a scam. However, everyone seems to be a potential target for these cybercriminals. Mike explained, “I never believed that I could fall victim to a crypto investment scam because of my background in finance and accounting, but I was wrong.

Investment scams have a terrible and devastating impact and are generally a very unpleasant experience for any investor.


There are people who have lost their savings due to a scam crypto investment scheme, it will always be an unfortunate experience for any investor who falls victim to these






scammers. We can help you recover lost money.


If you are the victim of a scam, you can face the consequences of compromised identity, compromised credit and financial loss, as well as a range of painful emotions, including lots of anger and deep frustration. Damages from financial fraud can far exceed the amount lost. A study funded by Detechgeek found that nearly two-thirds of scam victims experienced at least one serious emotional outcome, including stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.


While digital assets like Bitcoin are considered safe, you never know what could happen. Hackers and scammers are working around the clock to devise new methods to steal from gullible online investors. You never know when they might attack. We can help you recover lost money




How to recover lost money

Until recent times, there was little to nothing you could do before if you lost your digital assets. Things have changed now. There are steps you can take to get your investment back. If you lose your property or money, follow these steps to help get them back.


First thing to do when you want to recover lost money is to act quickly You must act as soon as you realise that your money has been stolen. This way the thieves won’t have time to redistribute, mix with other assets, or move into cold storage or sketchy exchanges. The faster you take action the better it is. If you wait that long, it will be difficult to keep track of your holdings. If your money is still in a crypto exchange, you can ask them to freeze it. This will give you time to find a way to get your lost money back.


Official Reporting – This step helps to stop scammers, a report must be made to the financial authority. Protect your identity and accounts – If you’ve provided payment data to scammers, take steps to block access to your account and fight identity theft.


File All Fraud/Scam Documents – When it comes to recovering from investment fraud scams or recovering lost funds, it is essential to gather as much evidence and information as possible. the better. While the events are still concurrent  in  your  memory,  creating  a timeline and gathering documents and information can make it easier to report or investigate fraud. This data can facilitate the support of your request.


Hire a professional, Several experts sometimes referred to as “crypto hunters,” can help






fund the recovery process. These are companies or individuals that can track lost funds on behalf of their clients. Cryptocurrency hunters are highly skilled people who know how hackers and thieves work. That’s why they can see where the thieves have transferred your money and how to get it back. Cryptocurrency experts (cryptocurrency hunters) work hand in hand with investors and law enforcement to recover stolen, inaccessible, or misplaced assets. They can also help you if you lose your private key or forget your password. Experts can help recover lost money.


Follow the law, Going to court can also help you recover lost property and money. Unfortunately, recovering lost funds and getting rid of investments through the legal system can’t help much if you don’t know who stole your money or property. It is not possible to seek a court order against someone you do not know. luckily, crypto assets are traceable.

You can see where your assets have been moved, and you can work with an exchange to identify wallet owners through the Know Your Customer process. Once the thief is identified, you can go to court.


These important steps will guide you through the process to recover lost money.


Change your behavior and build resistance to fraud – Don’t blame yourself for being taken advantage of Oftentimes, routine activities make people a target, and returning to these activities can start the process all over again.


These regular routines include involvement with social media groups or investor chat rooms, commenting on videos, signing up for trading courses, special offers, giveaways free or investor newsletter. While the exact number is unknown as fraud is often underreported, victims tend to be taken advantage of over and over again. These tips are just ways to prevent these scams. Fraud is usually discovered by stopping all communications or money disappearing. Immediate action is crucial. For those who need help recovering lost funds, contact us to recover lost money

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