WhatsApp Banking in Dubai – A New Trend in Financial Market

Financial Market

WhatsApp is not only about chatting. Now, many businesses promote and provide their service through this app. Likewise, the financial market also uses it to easily contact their customers. Nowadays, WhatsApp banking in Dubai is more common because of its convenient use by both banks and clients. With providing all the basic functions to individuals, the banks’ professionals are also available during working hours to give instant answers if you have any queries.   

For opting this way of banking services, you need to register for WhatsApp banking. Many banks only register that mobile number which is the same as the registered one with your account. If you changed your registered mobile number, you will need to contact the bank and update them. Now, this process is also easier. Moreover, Karz.ae is also beneficial in providing all of its amazing services on WhatsApp. Many customers always give positive feedback on the loan services in dubai of this financial company. In this blog, we will explain all information about banking through WhatsApp.  

Features to use WhatsApp banking

There are so many attractive features that urge you to utilize this way of banking instead of the traditional one. It is more comfortable to use anytime and anywhere without spending time going to the bank. Some of the features are:

  •         The using of this app for banking purposes is so simpler. Anyone can easily use it.
  •         Your chat with the bank is fully safe and secure just because of end-to-end encryption. Nobody can read the conversation that you do with the bank.
  •         For any kind of emergency need or services, the banks are ready to help you. For example, the blocking or replacement of a card needs only a few working hours.
  •         Sometimes, we do not know where exactly the location of the nearest bank branch or ATM. You can easily find out when you provide your location to the bank on WhatsApp.      
  •         If you apply for anything like a new debt, you will know the request’s status also on the app. In case of any complaint, you can talk to them about the complaint.    

How to subscribe?

The subscription on WhatsApp is simpler. You will just need your account on this app. The banks have their specific mobile numbers that link with this app. Their numbers are available on the official websites, or you can know about them directly from their branch. The step of this subscription is only to send the text “Subscribe” to the Bank’s WhatsApp account. Then, they will give you notice of your successful subscription in a shorter time.     

But many people think that they have their personal data on the app. They may get confused if they face any challenge of security or not. It is also a major reason for not using this way of banking by most individuals. But WhatsApp is a completely secure app. However, the following are the tips that enhance more app’s security.  


  •         Open the settings   
  •         There you will see the option of “Account”; click on it  
  •         Now, tap the option of “Two-step verification.”
  •         You have to enable this verification by entering your choice of code.
  •         After then, there is the option of providing your email address. You can add or skip it. Adding your email address will never cause any issues. When you add it, just confirm it, and all done.  

Available services of banking through the WhatsApp   

There are impressive services that the bank provides to you through this useful app. In this section, we will mention the list of these services. Once you start using this way of banking, you will like it as compared to going to a bank’s branch.

Accounts’ services

In general, any sort of service related to the account is also available. For instance, many times, we need to know what exactly the balance is in our accounts. Moreover, you will get the details of the last five transactions. Another good point is that you will always check the date and amount of your previous salary.   

Credit cards:

Just like the account, credit cards are with numerous services. Firstly, you can know the card balance by just sending one message. With knowing of the last few transactions through your credit card, you will know the due date of the card amount. In addition, credit cards are the best way to take cash. You can get all the details of this instant cash on your refurbished iphone 13 mobile. Besides, you can choose an easy payment plan as well.  

Debt finances:

The finances of debt are of various kinds, like personal, auto, or mortgage debts. The banks and lenders offer all of these debts by providing complete terms on the agreement papers. Karz.ae also informs you about the due date of monthly installments. Furthermore, every month after the repayment installment, you will know the remaining debt amount.






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