This Is Why You Should Filament PETG For 3D Printing

PETG filament, also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified, is a co-polyester popularly known for its versatility, strength, and ease of use. Due to its excellent properties, filament PETG has become the most popular 3D printing filament. The ‘’G’’ in the PETG, stands for glycol-modified, which makes the end product clear and is a familiar material used in the production of water bottles and food containers. PETG combines the qualities of two common thermoplastic materials used for 3D printing; ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PLA (Polylactic Acid). ABS is known for its durability and PLA for its printability. PETG 3D printing involves the use of PETG as a building material for 3D printing, especially in Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) printers. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail PETG filament i.e. properties, advantages, and applications. Ready to take a plunge? Read on.

Properties of PETG filament

PETG filament has some unique properties that make it distinguishable, they include:

  • PETG filament combines PET and glycol properties hence reducing overheating issues.
  • It has excellent impact resistance, making it less prone to cracking compared to PLA or ABS.
  • It has good chemical resistance.
  • It also has good flexibility and ductility.
  • It has good thermal stability.
  • It has a printing speed of 40-60mm/s.
  • It has an extrusion temperature of between 220° and 260°C.
  • The print bed must be heated to about 80 °C, where anything above this will lead to the warping of the print.
  • It is a food-safe material.
  • PETG filament is almost transparent when printed thin.

Advantages of PETG Filament

PETG filament offers a host of advantages over other filaments, these advantages include:

  • Cost-effective- PETG’s filament is versatile meaning you can use it for various projects without investing in multiple types of filaments.
  • Strong- PETG filament’s strength and impact resistance make it ideal for 3D printing of high-strength display units.
  • Easy to print- PETG filament is wrap resistant and its printing temperature range is relatively wide, providing more flexibility in printer settings thus simplifying the 3D printing process.
  • Compatibility- PETG filaments are usually compatible with most 3D printers thus making them a popular choice for designers and enthusiasts.
  • Recyclable- PETG filament is fully recyclable thus it reduces waste and the potential negative environmental impact.
  • Food-Safe- PETG filament is safe for use in food containers and bottles for drinks.
  • Easily Coloured- PETG filament can be easily colored and blended to create different appearances.
  • Non-Toxic and Odourless- During 3D printing PETG filament emits minimal fumes and has less odor thus making it user-friendly and a safer option.

Application of PETG Filament

The excellent Filament PETG properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications, which include:

  • Prototyping

Due to PETG filaments immense stability and ease of printing allow room for rapid prototyping. It allows users to test their ideas before bringing them to life.

  • Food containers and packaging

PETG filaments are widely used to create food containers and accessories since they are food-safe and chemical-resistant.

  • Medical and healthcare applications

PETG filament’s rigidity enables it to survive the harsh sterilization processes making it ideal for medical applications.

  • Water bottles

PETG filaments are clear and transparent making them the ideal material for 3D printing of water bottles and accessories.

  • Display models

PETG filament is colored and glossy in nature making them suitable for design for aesthetically pleasing display models.

  • 3D Printing

PETG filaments print easily and provide excellent layer adhesion thus used in 3D printing.

Where to get the best PETG filament

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