The Ford Maverick has been a remarkable success since its recent debut, but Ford is already setting its sights on the future. Reports suggest that the next-generation Ford Maverick is expected to hit the market by 2027, offering an updated version of the beloved compact truck. While the current model will continue its production run for six years, the next-generation Maverick is set to enter production in April 2027 at the Hermosillo plant in Mexico.

With the current production timeline, the next-generation Ford Maverick is predicted to be in production until the beginning of 2033, giving it another six-year run before a potential refresh. This consistent six-year production cycle seems to align with Ford’s strategy and speaks to the model’s popularity among consumers. 

However, the production of the Ford Maverick has not been without its challenges. Supply chain issues and high demand have caused delays for some customers who had placed orders for the 2022 Maverick. In response, Ford is offering compensation to affected customers, including a discount of up to $2,750 on new orders to offset the inconvenience caused by the delays. It is worth noting that the benefits of this compensation may be offset by price increases and dealer markups, which have become more prevalent due to inflation and market conditions. 

For customers with a 2022 Ecoboost Maverick order that has not been built, there is an option to switch to a 2023 gas or hybrid model with a $1,750 discount. Customers with a 2022 Hybrid Maverick order can take advantage of an even larger discount of $2,750. Ford dealerships have been instructed to prioritize customers who have been waiting for their 2022 Maverick, ensuring that their orders are fulfilled promptly.

As we eagerly anticipate the next-generation Ford Maverick, it’s clear that this compact truck has made a significant impact in the market. With its practicality, versatility, and appealing design, the Maverick has captured the hearts of many customers. Whether it’s for urban commuting or outdoor adventures, the Ford Maverick has proven itself as a reliable and efficient choice. The upcoming generation promises to build upon this success, offering even more features and improvements to meet the evolving needs of truck enthusiasts.

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