Surpassing Geo-Restrictions When Gathering Data

Surpassing Geo-Restrictions When Gathering Data

Think of all the times you wanted to access a website but couldn’t due to geo-restrictions. This can be frustrating, especially if you require local data for a business strategy or simply for knowledge. Geo-blocking can limit your research, leaving you with limited data to form a conclusion.

But You Can Surpass It!

You can conveniently bypass these restrictions using a proxy. A proxy works on your behalf and accesses all the information before passing it to you. In short, it helps you perform anonymous browsing, so you can get your required data and use it for your benefit. 

But how does a tool such as proxy Thailand do that, and is it legal to use one? We have covered this and a lot more in this discourse. Explore and find out!

Geo-restrictions Are Difficult – Here’s Why!

Imagine clicking on a Youtube video only to find a message, “This video is not available in your region.” We understand the frustration this sentence causes, but know that you have been geo-blocked. 

Geo-restrictions are placed on you due to your location. When content is restricted to access, you can’t watch it until you have a solution. 

Geo-blocking is often used by companies like Netflix, Youtube, and other streaming platforms to facilitate licensing deals or follow a country’s legal system. For instance, geo-blocking is usually used by some countries to prevent online gambling. 

In some countries, these restrictions are placed on websites to prevent their citizens from exploring them. For example, some governments don’t allow adult films and place these restrictions on platforms that promote them. 

But while this practice helps maintain discipline online, it can be a source of pain who wish to access websites for lawful purposes. 

Suppose you want to launch a product in Thailand, but you need to know about the local market before that. For that, you need data on competitors and consumers, but geo-restrictions may make it tough to access information online.  

This problem also hinders many students who wish to learn about various regions. However, online restrictions don’t let them do so. 

In that case, they are left with limited data until they use a proxy. 

How Does a Proxy Help?

Think of a proxy as a middleman that presents itself as you and gets all the information required from a local seller while managing your anonymity. Isn’t that situation out of a story?

It may look like that, but that’s what this tool does. 

A proxy is an intermediary server that sends your request to the destined webpage and receives a response on your behalf before sending it to you. It hides your IP address so you can remain anonymous and appear as a local willing to get all the information required. 

This tool helps you bypass all restrictions using a unique online identity. It masks your true location with a local one. Therefore, the content that was restricted before now appears free to view.

A proxy can help you perform web scraping conveniently without any geo-blocking. Web scraping is a process that uses bots to crawl data and extract all the information required from a website. 

So, when you have zero restrictions to access data, you can scrape as much information as you want without being recognized. 

How Can Businesses Use Proxies for Web Scraping?

Are you currently unable to perform web scraping due to geo-restrictions? If yes, these are some ways you can use a proxy to scrape as much data as you want. 

Rotate Proxy IP Addresses With Every Request

You can change your IP addresses with every new request and maintain anonymity for long. Whenever you use a new or unique IP, you appear as a new individual surfing the internet. 

Use City-level, State-level, Or Country-level Geo-targeting

Here is another way businesses can use proxies. 

Geo-targeting is a process that advertisers use to choose certain locations to promote and show their ads. So, when they use city-level, state-level, or country-level geo-targeting consistently, they eliminate the chances of being recognized through their IP addresses and target the content in specific geo-locations. 

Suppose you want to use country-level geo-targeting for your products in Canada. In that case, you must consistently use a relevant proxy and IP address to avoid any mishap. 


Geo-restrictions can be painful, especially if you need certain information urgently. However, to bypass them, proxies like proxy Thailand can work wonders by giving you all the data required through smooth web scraping. 

A proxy reduces the chances of you being recognized as a foreigner and also helps maintain your security as you surf the internet.

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