How to prepare for Government Exams at home?

How to prepare for Government Exams at home?

Thousands of Aspirants start their Exam Preparation almost a year before the exam and eagerly wait for the updates on vacancies, dates and information. Aspirants have to face huge competition while attempting the government exams. The government is planning to create 10 million jobs across the country in the coming years. This is a great chance for anyone who is looking for the government post which is waiting for the vacancy.

As we all know that this year many government job recruitment notifications are being released with a huge number of vacancies in various departments. The Staff Selection Commission has released the SSC Calendar for various SSC Exams. Dates of various government exams are being released. Students must be wondering how to prepare for government exams at home? 

Many students believe that they should study for 12+ hours a day, that only intellectuals can clear the exam, that they should stop doing everything else or that they cannot clear the exam while working 9 to 5 Can. However, with increasing competition increasing the difficulty of the examinations year after year, what makes a successful candidate stand out from the competition is their attitude.

Know in detail about the exam pattern and syllabus

  • Your first step should be to go through the exam pattern and syllabus of the particular exam.
  • Make sure to make a list of similar pattern exams so that you can prepare for them together without wasting your time.
  • The examinations of technical subjects should be dealt with separately.
  • Write the complete syllabus of the exam as it will help you to plan and learn the topics accordingly.

Set a Study timetable

Make sure to set a time table and plan your daily routine accordingly. Give more time to your weak subjects. You can plan a time table by dividing equal time to all subjects along with daily quizzes. You can study from videos or learn from books as per your choice. If you want to clear your basic concepts then you can take live classes. PracticeMock is providing you with ample study material which will help you deal with it. 

Read Current Affairs Regularly

Every government exam has an important section focusing on current affairs. This section usually covers political issues and events that are currently affecting people at the national or international level. This is also information that you cannot find in any course guide or book – the only place to stay up to date is by reading news or magazines that focus on relevant current affairs, and what is happening around the world.

Solve previous years question papers

Another excellent tool for preparation and one that you will be able to get at with a little digging are the previous years papers. The previous years question papers will give you a better understanding of the exam pattern along with the types of questions asked in the exam and of course the scoring pattern. Another valuable insight that you will gain from this activity is time management in the exam. Solving previous government exam papers should be a major practice component of your daily schedule.

Practice Reasoning & Aptitude Daily

Almost all government exams include an aptitude and reasoning section. This section will focus on your General Aptitude and Reasoning Ability. Again, there are no stock answers here and these are abilities you need to develop through practice. By answering more and more Reasoning and Aptitude questions on a daily basis, you will improve a lot in this area.

Mock Tests to Your Rescue

Mock tests are the best way to practice for any exam. Taking mock tests regularly will help you to overcome the exam fear and you will feel confident to appear for the real exam. Before appearing for any exam, it is really important to solve as many mock tests as you can. Must Attempt at least one mock test daily for the exam you are focusing on.

Analyze your performance and maintain accuracy

It is really important to analyze where you stand and How much you prepared for the exam. Make sure that you improve yourself day by day and maintain accuracy while taking the exam. Practice enough to give correct answers.

In the quest of getting a government job, candidates must be wondering what are the steps they can take to get their dream job. How to start preparing for government exams? What can be the sources from which you can study? What should be your exam strategy? The above mentioned tips will surely help you to achieve success and get your dream job.

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