What Are The Tax On Cryptos In India And Crypto Swaps and Tips to Save Crypto Taxes

Recently, there has been a widespread outcry among crypto investors with the introduction of crypto taxes in India. Many people also state that crypto taxes could be avoided by using decentralized exchanges or even the P2P markets. 

The Finance Minister recently introduced the flat rate of 30% tax on crypto gain from the sale of any VDA or Virtual Digital Assets such as Cryptocurrencies. Apart from these, the Finance Minister also added the 1% TDS on all crypto transactions.

Taxes On The Cryptos:

Taxes on crypto in India have recently been introduced by the government as these come under the VDA. When the investors convert their crypto gains to fiat, they need to pay taxes on them.

When the owners of the cryptocurrency want to switch blockchain networks, then there are also many options available for the crypto holders. Profit from the virtual digital asset is taxed at 30%, and the profit is income, so they are taxed under Section 115.

Can Tax Be Avoided?

The Crypto community has been pointing out that the current systems have a lot of loopholes so that the crypto taxes could be avoided with the DEX or decentralized exchanges that include Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and many others. There are also many strategies, such as peer-to-peer crypto transactions which allow people to use them extensively.

Crypto tax regulations in the country have been introduced with a 30% Tax on all crypto transactions that include both the gain and losses. There is no need to have the intermediaries or require the KYC. It is one of the ways to avoid taxes.

Types Of Cryptocurrency Swaps:

Normally, there are two types of cryptocurrency swaps available, and these include the crypto<>crypto trade (BTC<>ETH) as well as Cryptocurrency Token Swap. With these technologies, the underlying blockchain experiences the switch so that the new tokens will be issued on the same value to the extent.

Cryptocurrency Swap Trading or Crypto <> Crypto Trades are quite the normal process. Buying the cryptocurrency in exchange for another crypto through the seller or exchange is quite an efficient process.

Buying BTC in exchange for the ETH over an exchange is an example of a process. The regulations taxation of crypto to crypto transactions set by the Indian government states about taxable events.

Expert Tips Crypto Tax Savings Strategies:

Here are some tips to save on crypto taxes: First, make sure to accurately track all of your cryptocurrency transactions. Second, consider holding onto your cryptocurrency for at least a year before selling it, as this may qualify you for long-term capital gains tax rates. Lastly, consult with a tax professional who has experience in cryptocurrency tax laws to ensure that you are maximizing your tax savings.

Currently, there are no clear regulations set for cryptocurrency token swaps. Every tax law has a loophole detected in it sooner or later, so crypto tax law in the country would not be an exception.


The Token swaps and migration with other blockchain networks could be based on a wide number of reasons. Investors and users need to swap the project’s native token for a compatible token based on the new network.

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