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Making essential business choices might benefit from intuition and gut instinct. But, they are not reliable means of arriving at wise conclusions. It can be dangerous to act on impulse without applying data-driven thinking. This is especially true when big decisions are involved in a company. 

With a data-driven strategy, you have the resources to more thoroughly comprehend, confirm, and quantify the outcomes of your choices. Your decision-making in a data-driven workplace can give you greater confidence. You can guide your company toward success based on facts, not beliefs. 

A data-driven strategy bases judgment on facts rather than gut feelings. A data-driven strategy gives quantifiable benefits. A data-driven approach relies on hard data and facts rather than intuition.

Being unbiased when making decisions is made simpler by using a data-driven approach. Zoho Cliq allows you to determine if it would be wise to take a particular course of action based on the findings of your data analysis or not.

What is Zoho Cliq?

The Zoho Cliq team collaboration and communication tool allows teams to chat, share files, and collaborate in real time. Team members can communicate privately or in groups, and phone and video calls are supported. Zoho Cliq can be integrated with other applications and external programs like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Zapier. 

Zoho Cliq offers many features, including channels, bots, task management, screen sharing, and remote access. Conversations can be categorized by topics, teams, or projects using media. Bots are automated assistants that perform particular duties like setting up meetings or reminding users of upcoming events. Thanks to task management, team members can assign and monitor tasks throughout a chat. Remote teams can work together and solve problems using screen sharing and remote access.

How to get Business Insights using Zoho Cliq?

Zoho Cliq is an online business communication tool that offers a single platform for teams and organizations to collaborate and communicate on a single platform. It provides various features to help organizations gain insight into their business analytics.

Zoho Cliq provides a list of tools that can help you gain detailed insights into your business: 


Channel Analytics on a single click

At times in an organization, Channel Analytics is very important to look at; it helps you understand the internal communication between teams and where the gaps are so you can work towards fixing those issues. Channel analytics provides data on each channel’s activities, including the number of messages sent and files shared and received. This helps in understanding underlying issues in the team and identifying the areas for improvement.

Using commands to fetch reports

Several commands in the Internal channels in Zoho Cliq allow you to generate reports with the help of certain commands. Zoho Cliq offers multiple third-party integrations that are also helpful in getting business reports and insights. Businesses can also opt for Zoho Development to customize various other features according to their needs. You can get detailed information on all your sales and marketing plans implemented for the last quarter. 

Custom Bots and Integrations

Zoho Cliq allows users to create customized bots per their business needs and requirements. It makes your work easy and can automate tasks to give you more time to spend on your core business modules. With Zoho Development, businesses can customize these applications to meet their specific needs, integrate them with other software, and create new applications from scratch. For example, a custom bot could track team performance metrics, such as response time to customer inquiries or project completion rates.

Voice and Video Chat

The voice and video chat feature allows you to communicate with teams internally and remotely. It can also be used for virtual meetings or collaborations to bridge the communication gap. These features can help teams stay connected and improve communication, leading to better business insights.

Improved Scalability

Zoho Cliq allows departments to monitor metrics and track outcomes, and this ultimately helps business owners to adjust course. Implementing Zoho Cliq can also enable organizations to make quick and execute decisions faster. It also permits organizations to take care of Adobe commerce development. As a result, organizations can become more agile and capable of scaling.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With Zoho Cliq, you can target specific goals and achieve measurable results. This increased accountability can drive higher revenues and better cost savings. Managers of a particular department can analyze data to find ways to decrease expenses and drive increased value from existing assets, resulting in higher efficiency in the entire organization.

Task Management

Cliq provides a task management feature wherein you can directly assign tasks to team members while checking the progress of that particular task on Cliq itself. Zoho allows you to monitor that task constantly and also keeps notifying you of the progress of that same task. 

Enhanced productivity

By using Zoho Cliq, team members can quickly and easily share files, assign tasks, and get updates on the progress of their work without any delay. This results in quick and fast productivity, allowing business owners to prioritize more tasks and assign more projects internally.

Secure communication

Zoho Cliq offers end-to-end encryption, which ensures that the communication done internally in organizations or externally with a client or remote employees is secure. It protects and keeps all the data shared in chats completely safe.

Final Word

Tools are introduced to make your work efficient and convenient, but it is also important to use them correctly. Zoho Cliq can be a great tool for teams that need to stay connected and collaborate effectively, especially in remote work environments. 

It also depends on the kind of work environment you have. However, Zoho allows multiple third-party integrations that make it one of the best communication tools in the market. Zoho can be transformed and customized according to your business needs. You can find various integrations to help you manage your business insights in one place. 

Zoho also offers Zoho Development, which can be done by businesses or third-party developers specializing in Zoho development. Zoho also provides a marketplace where companies can find pre-built applications and integrations developed by third-party developers. Zoho Cliq can be your step toward the automation, and digital transformation organizations have been waiting for. It is a future-proof secure solution that gives you real-time solutions to the problems faced in a business environment.


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