3 Closet Organization Tips

3 Closet Organization Tips

Our closets tend to get cluttered and messy from time to time, especially as the seasons and styles change. Adding in new pieces without taking the time to reorganize the items you already have can make your closet disorganized and chaotic.

Having a closet that isn’t organized can lead to feelings of stress in the morning as you try to find the pieces you want to wear that day. It can also be frustrating when you feel as though you can’t put an outfit together since there are so many options. Perhaps the best solution is to consider organizing your closet and removing any items you aren’t using anymore.

Figuring out a way to organize your closet is a personal decision, and there isn’t a one size fits all way to do it. But by taking the time to purge your closet and get things organized, you can lower your stress levels, save time in the morning when getting ready, and eliminate feeling overwhelmed with trying to sort through all of the clutter.

  • Create a Storing System

The first step to organizing your closet is to figure out how you want to organize all of your articles of clothing and accessories. Hanging racks, shelves, and drawers are all great options for organizing your items. When deciding how to best organize your clothes, consider the space you have and what will fit where.

Consider using storage containers for smaller items such as belts, scarves, socks, and even eyewear. When adding new accessories, such as eyewear, to your closet, search for glasses online so you can virtually try them on before purchasing. This way, you can see what you like and are more likely to use so as not to add additional clutter to your closet.

As the seasons change, storing out-of-season items in storage bins or drawers is also a good idea. This way, you can keep the in-season items easily accessible and have all of the other items organized and ready for use when the weather changes.

Whatever system you choose to organize your clothes, make sure you stay consistent, so you can remember where everything is. Choose a system that works best for you and makes sense with your clothes, then stick to it. Set a reminder right before the seasons change, so you get into a rhythm of updating and organizing your closet as needed.

  • Sort Your Clothes Into Categories 

When considering how to organize your closet, sorting your clothes by category is a great option. By putting them into specific categories and matching like with like, you’ll be able to see how much of certain clothes or accessories you have. This is a great way to see what you wear consistently and what you don’t wear as often.

It’s also a good way to get organized in general. By having all of your tops together, you can then put them together in a specific section of your closet. The same can be said for all other categories, like bottoms, dresses, etc. This way, you always know what section of your closet to turn to when you’re looking for a specific item of clothing or accessory.

Consider combining this method with other organizational systems. For example, fold all your tops and put them on shelves, put all your bottoms in drawers, and store dresses on hangers. There are multiple ways you can choose to organize your clothes once you put them together by category.

Other categories you can choose to organize your clothes are by color, occasion, weather, or frequency of wearing. Choose what works best for you, then get to organizing! 

  • Purge Your Closet 

Lastly, when looking to organize your closet, get rid of clothes and accessories you no longer wear or use. This will help keep your closet organized overall and free up space for new items in the future.

When purging your closet, take a look at your clothes and, firstly, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit anymore. It’s easy to hold onto items that you hope to one day fit into again, but they take up valuable space and are never worn. Additionally, get rid of anything worn out and unable to be worn anymore.

If you have clothes that you also bought explicitly for one occasion, such as a bridesmaid dress that you’ll never wear again, get rid of it so you can use that space for other items. When taking a look at your closet, only keep things that you love and feel good in.

Don’t feel pressured to hold onto items that are trendy but you don’t actually love. Lastly, keep items that are practical and versatile. A favorite pair of jeans can be worn in multiple seasons and will go with multiple outfits. Mixing and matching your clothes and accessories will be key to staying clutter-free. Also, keep things that are items you’ll wear on a regular basis. Items such as white shirts, jean jackets, and sneakers are practical, and you’ll be able to style them in many different ways.

Spring Cleaning All Year

Rather than waiting until spring to clean out your closet and get organized, do it now, get yourself organized, and set a system in place to stay that way.  Purge your closet of items you no longer wear or need, then figure out the best way to organize your closet. You’ll feel much more organized, stress-free, and confident in your outfits.

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