How that Annoying Back Pain Can Go Away with the Help of Physical Therapy

How that Annoying Back Pain Can Go Away with the Help of Physical Therapy

Back pain, specifically low back pain, is very common, and it affects millions of people. It can range from minor and annoying to severe and debilitating. Even minor pain can affect one’s quality of life, and if left untreated, it can become more severe. Physical therapy Cherry Hill can help eliminate back pain, and it does so by focusing on the cause of the pain, so it does not come back. Based on a client’s specific issue, a physical therapist provides a variety of services to help reduce pain and prevent further injury.

Strengthen Your Back Muscles

When you seek out physical therapy near me, the first thing a therapist will do is ask you questions about the pain, such as its severity, when it began, and what things make it better or worse. The therapist will ask about your occupation and daily activities and will also perform an exam to see which areas are weak or injured. Based on this consultation, the therapist designs a customized treatment plan for you.

One of the reasons for low back pain is weak muscles, and these are often the small and deep ones that stabilize the spine. If this is the case for you, your therapist will lead you through a series of exercises that strengthen the weak muscles, whether they are your core muscles or bigger ones.

Regain Motion and Flexibility

Strength is not the only thing that PT focuses on, as there are often numerous reasons for back pain. Perhaps you have pain because you are inflexible and are unable to move in full motion. This, over time, can cause the muscles in your back to tighten, which results in discomfort or pain.

If this is an issue, your therapist will guide you through stretches and other effective methods. These may include massage or manual therapy. Along with working with your therapist at the clinic, you may receive exercises and stretches to do at home to further the work you are doing in PT.

Prevent Future Injury

Injury is a common reason for back pain. When you visit a physical therapist near me for an injury, the therapist will first focus on reducing your pain level. This may be done with ice packs, heat therapy, electric currents, massage, or manual therapy.

Once the pain is reduced or eliminated, the focus is on strengthening the area to prevent the injury from reoccurring. If you were injured playing sports or doing your job, your therapist may work with you to improve ergonomics or reduce repetition so that you do not injure yourself again. If you have recently had surgery for an injury, physical therapy can also help with post-surgery recovery.

There are many facets to physical therapy, and all of them aim to help you feel and function better so that you do not have to resort to addictive pain pills or surgery. If you have back pain, do not ignore it. Make an appointment with a physical therapist so that you can feel better quickly.

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