5 reasons how coworking is transforming traditional office system

Traditional offices built with efficiency in mind were hit particularly hard as the virus spread throughout the globe. Managers were taken aback when they saw an increase in productivity due to employees working from home instead of the projected decrease.

Employees are hesitant to return to work even now that the world has returned to normal because they do not want to give up the increased flexibility and enhanced work-life balance they have experienced. Coworking spaces, often known as shared office space, solves this problem. Rental of daytime conference rooms and access to a variety of nearby locations to stroll to work are just two examples of how coworking spaces have become the standard.

Read on to find out why shared offices are better than conventional offices.

  1. Community and networking opportunities

Working in a shared office has inspired people to collaborate and think outside the box. Individuals and companies prefer sharing office space with other organisations’ like-minded employees and benefitting from their aggregate expertise and experience. Eighty-two per cent of employees say they’ve formed significant contacts with other professionals.

In such a situation, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and work with seasoned individuals who can help your firm and your team’s career development thanks to the networking events hosted by plug and play offices. 

  1. Luxury to choose a spot of your choice

You aren’t allowed to choose a desk in a quiet corner, one next to a bright window, or one that faces too few or too many coworkers. A designated space to come to the office, do your work and leave for home is the norm in traditional workplace layouts. In a shared office space, you may use various amenities, including flexi/hot desks, dedicated desks, conference spaces, breakout zone, and a pantry. Not to mention, a thoughtfully designed and pleasant ambience of a managed office to uplift your mood. When people are in a good mood, they tend to work more and provide higher-quality results.

  1. Enhanced productivity

Working in a shared office space with people from many walks of life can be both stimulating and motivating. By sharing a desk with a professional from a different cultural background or diverse industry vertical, you may learn more about your colleagues. You learn something new daily, develop novel solutions to problems, reduce your error rate, and speed up your workflow.

Freelancers who need to strike a better work-life balance or get essential projects done on schedule may find that shared office spaces are an excellent option. You may book a conference room or a meeting room or have a private office with a phone booth to have some peace while you get some work done.

  1. Reduced overhead costs

Companies wanting a less expensive work environment might benefit from a reduction in overhead expenses, increasing their profit margins. One of the highest overhead expenses is incurred due to maintenance, administration, security and surveillance and pantry. The cost of a physical site rises dramatically when you include things like rent, utilities, regular maintenance, repairs, and infrastructural improvements. The flexible workplace provider contributes to cost reductions in the workplace and the enterprise as all such overhead costs are inclusive.

  1. Comfortable workplace with all amenities and coworking options

High-end workspaces with gyms, private conference rooms, security and surveillance, restricted access, and housekeeping services are just some of the best-in-class amenities offered by modern coworking spaces. Ergonomic furniture, biophilic design concept, and aesthetic and functional layout is a part-and-parcel of office space on rent.  


The explosive growth of coworking spaces in recent years may be mainly attributed to the increasing need for shared office spaces where professionals can get their work done, at their own pace, and network with one another. Coworking spaces are appealing because of their convenient locations and world-class amenities. You may explore coworking space Hyderabad at premium workspace providers with community and member benefits such as iKeva. iKeva has coworking spaces, managed offices and private offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

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