Hesgoal.com Is Officially Removed From The Google Play Store! Here’s Why

hesgoal.com f1 nl

Hesgoal.com f1 nl a popular illegal streaming site, has been removed from the Google Play Store. This removal comes as a result of an ongoing crackdown on streaming sites by the Android App Store Review Team.

What does this mean for Hesgoal.com users? For one, it means that the site is no longer available to download or use. Additionally, users may no longer find links to the site in social media or search results.

Why was Hesgoal.com removed from the Google Play Store? The Android App Store Review Team took this step after concluding that Hesgoal.com violated several policies related to content and advertising. Specifically, Hesgoal.com was found to be hosting ads that were not properly approved, as well as content that was potentially offensive or harmful.

What is Hesgoal.com?

Hesgoal.com f1 nl was removed from the Google Play store on January 10, 2019, after a review of the app found several violations of the Play store’s policies. The removal came as a surprise given that Hesgoal had been continuously in the top 100 apps on the store for over two years.

According to a blog post published by Hesgoal on January 10, 2019, the app had been banned because it “violates our policy against fraudulent or deceptive practices.” Specifically, Hesgoal claims that its users are rewarded for watching ads and then sharing those ads via social media. This is allegedly in violation of Google’s policy against Ads that interfere with or disrupt the user experience.

Hesgoal.com f1 nl argues that these ads are only visible for a short time and do not actually interrupt the user experience. However, Google argues that this violates their policy because it creates an unfair advantage for Hesgoal over other advertisers.

The removal of Hesgoal from the Google Play store comes as a major disappointment to its users. It marks the end of an era for one of Android’s most popular (and controversial) apps.

Why was Hesgoal.com removed from the Google Play Store?

Hesgoal.com f1 nl, a popular app store for Android devices, is officially removed from the Google Play Store. The company has not released a statement about the removal, but it’s possible that it was pulled due to inactivity or violations of Google Play policies.

Hesgoal is well-known for its wide selection of Android apps and games, as well as its frequent updates and customer support. However, it may have run into trouble with Google after being accused of exploiting user data in a recent report. The allegations were made by a security researcher who claimed that Hesgoal was collecting login information and device characteristics without consent or notification.

If true, this would be a serious violation of Google’s terms of service. It’s possible that Google pulled Hesgoal due to the controversy and concerns raised by users and security researchers alike. In any case, we recommend that you uninstall the app if you have it on your phone – there’s no guarantee that it’ll remain available in the future.

How Can You Still Use Hesgoal?

Hesgoal.com f1 nl is no longer available on the Google Play Store. This is due to a dispute with the developer that owns the copyright to Hesgoal.com. The dispute centers around rights to the domain name and allegations of infringement against the developer by Hesgoal.com.

Google has removed Hesgoal.com from the Play Store because it doesn’t have the necessary rights to do so. Without these rights, Google can’t provide support for the app or offer features like updates and new content.

This means that users are unable to download or use Hesgoal.com on their devices, and Google has no plans to reinstate it. If you’re using Hesgoal.com on your device, you’ll need to find a different way to access it.


Hesgoal.com f1 nl has been removed from the Google Play Store, and for good reason. As you may have noticed, Hesgoal is a site that promises to help people achieve their goals by providing them with tools and resources. Unfortunately, this goal doesn’t match up with Google’s policies on app stores, which state that apps must be useful and provide a valuable service. This isn’t the first time Hesgoal has run into trouble with Google; back in 2016 they were fined $7 million USD for promoting fake reviews on their app store page. So far, Hesgoal hasn’t taken any action to rectify the situation or apologize to users who were harmed by their fraudulent practices.


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