10 Essential Tableau Features Tableau

The world of business is saturated with information. To analyze it in its raw form is a significant task. The reliability and accuracy of the data you’re working with is improved when you present your information in appealing shapes, diagrams, graphs and charts. Tableau can be considered among the best and most popular software to visualize data.

Tableau can be described as an infographic program which allows you to create basic graph-like representations of data using spreadsheets, cloud databases, spreadsheets, machines learning algorithms, social databases, as well as other enhancements to databases. This blog will talk about the top 10 characteristics of Tableau which aid businesses in visualizing their data more effectively.

1. Informative Dashboards

Tableau dashboards incorporate visual objects such as images, text and other elements to provide the complete picture of your data. Dashboards are helpful because they present information that is presented in narratives. They permit the use of different perspectives and objects. They provide a variety of layouts and designs and allow users to apply filters to their data. It is easy to transfer dashboards and their attributes across worksheets from the next. Tableau dashboards are easy to create and you can learn how to create step by step by taking a Tableau course.

2. Supports numerous data sources

You can connect or pull information from many sources of data with Tableau. Tableau provides a range of data sources, like local spreadsheets, files with relational and non-relational databases as well as data warehouses, large data and cloud-based data. Tableau’s data sources are easily linked and integrated with other sources of data to create a unified view of data in the form of graphics. Tableau can also be used to support various data connections, including Presto, MemSQL, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Cloudera, Hadoop, Amazon Athena, Salesforce, SQL Server, Dropbox, and other data sources.

3. Access to live and in-Memory Data

Tableau offers the ability to connect in memory to live data as in addition to different data sources. It allows users to seamlessly combine data from a variety of data sources. With the help of real-time data connections users can access data directly from data sources or store it in memory using data retrieved from a source when needed. Tableau also offers other connectivity features for data including automated updates of extracts, alerts about connection issues and many more.

4. It’s an excellent security feature.

Tableau is equipped with additional safeguards in place to guarantee the security of users as well as data. For connection to data or user access Tableau is equipped with a secured security system that is based on authentication and authorization mechanisms. Tableau can also be integrated with other security protocols like Active Directory and Kerberos. Tableau employs row-level filtering which aids in increasing the security for data.

5. Easy Collaboration, Sharing and Share

Tableau provides simple methods users can interact with one another and exchange information in real-time in the form of visualizations and dashboards, sheets and many other. It allows you to securely transfer data from various sources of data, including cloud and on-premise, hybrid and other sources. Quick and easy cooperation and data sharing assists in obtaining immediate evaluations or inputs to data that lead to more detailed analysis.

6. It also has mobile versions.

Tableau recognizes the importance of the mobile phone in our current society and offers a mobile version of the software. Dashboards and reports are able to be designed using an interface that is mobile-friendly. Tableau lets you alter the design of your dashboard so that it is compatible with the mobile device you use. Customization allows you to add new layouts for smartphones, interactive offline previews, and more. Additionally, the mobile view gives Tableau users with a broad range of options and ease working with their data in the field.

7. Advanced Visualization Capabilities

The range of Tableau’s visualizations is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Tableau allows you to create visualizations that are as simple as a pie chart or bar chart as well as more complex ones like the histogram Gantt chart, the Bullet chart, Motion chart Treemap, Boxplot, and other types of visualizations. If you choose the kind of visualization on the Show Me menu, you can select and create any kind of visualization.

8. Maps are available for download.

The map is an additional crucial aspect of Tableau. Tableau has a variety of pre-installed maps , such as postal codes for cities, administration boundaries, and much more. The maps of Tableau are very detailed and informative. It is possible to alter the layers of geology that appear on the map to fit your requirements. Additionally, you can utilize Tableau to make appropriate maps from your information. Heat maps, flow maps, Choropleth maps, Point Distribution Maps and other kinds of maps are available via Tableau.

9. This is the tool Ask DataTool

Tableau’s Ask data tool has increased its popularity with users all over the world. It makes it easier to manipulate information by permitting us to perform simple Google searches. Tableau will provide you with the most pertinent answers to any question about your data by using natural language. The results are displayed not only in text but also in graphics. For instance, if the information you’re looking for is already available in an underlying bar graph, or a bar graph, the Ask Data feature can search for the graph and display it now. Users can just dig into the data and discover new patterns and information due to these features.

10. The Trend Lines as well as Predictive Analytics

The application of time-series data and forecasting by using Tableau is another beneficial feature. Forecasts and trend lines are simple with Tableau’s powerful Backend, as is the dynamic Frontend. To make predictions based on data such as trend lines or forecasts choose the appropriate parameters and drag-and-drop operations with the fields that are relevant to the.


Tableau is an excellent program to make it simpler for you to finish all of your data visualization tasks and provide more accurate analysis for those who have attempted data visualization, but were not able to comprehend it or find it difficult to comprehend.


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