Questions To Ask When Purchasing Event Management Software

In a world where many people are working remotely thanks to the power of the internet, or for those interested in attending an event being held in a location abroad or some distance away, virtual events and conferences, or hybrid events, are the answer. However, in order to host a virtual event, or an event that’s a hybrid and includes virtual elements, you will need software to handle the process.

Even if you’re not planning to host a virtual event, having access to event management software certainly makes the entire process of planning and organising an event far easier and more intuitive.

Ultimately, when purchasing event management software, what you want to know is that the software will do everything you need it to do. By asking yourself a series of questions before going out to purchase software, you will compile a checklist of the tools and applications the software must have to be right for your needs.

So, here are some questions to ask before you purchase your event management software.

What Type Of Events Do You Plan To Host?

This question really needs to be answered first, as the type of events you plan to organise and host will have a bearing on what you may need in event management software. Write out a list of the possible events you could see your organisation hosting now and in the future and then compile a list of the features you believe the software will need to have to best service your requirements.

Can the Software Be Used For Hosting Virtual Or Hybrid Events?

If you plan to host hybrid or totally virtual events at some stage, then you’ll want software that has been designed with this in mind. Virtual conference software may be software that’s dedicated to virtual events only, or the software may contain modules that handle the virtual side of event hosting.

Online conference software makes virtual and hybrid event hosting a breeze. It helps to create an authentic event experience for participants, where everyone feels connected, engaged and a part of the event. The software can incorporate both live sessions and prerecorded material, as well as features such as Q & A, chat sessions, modules to make the virtual event more interactive and much more.

If virtual event hosting is going to be a part of your event format, then seek out software that has been designed to handle virtual events and conferences.

Is the Software Customisable?

Purchasing software that can be customised to your specific requirements is also something you should look for. You need the event management software to be flexible rather than rigid, as no two events are exactly the same and the requirements of various event organisers are not the same either.

Having the ability to customise the software to your particular type of event and what you want to include in the event is essential. If the software is too rigid, it will actually limit what you are able to accomplish with it and you may also find that inflexible software just doesn’t really do the job you need it to do and doesn’t make life much easier when it comes to event organisation and management.

Is the Event Management Software Mobile-Friendly?

You may or may not need this feature but it’s certainly something to consider and keep in mind.

Can the software also be used via a mobile app and is there an option for event attendees to have access to important event data via a related mobile app?

In a world where so many people seem to be surgically attached to their smartphones, perhaps mobile-friendly event management software and apps are the right choice for you.

Does the Software Have Positive Reviews?

Online reviews are one of the major selling points for just about anything today. When you have one or two event management software applications in mind, see if you can unearth some reviews on the software, written by people who have actually purchased and used the software.

Reviews and testimonials give you a good idea of what people think of the product and whether it’s something you should consider investing your money in, or whether to continue searching for software that’s better rated.

Can You View An Event Management Software Demo?

Either live in person or online, is there an option to view a demo of the software so you can see what its layout is like and what it does before committing to a purchase? Even a short demonstration video on the company’s website can give you a good overview of what the software is all about when you combine the visuals with other written information on the sales page.

A live demonstration is the best, as you’ll be able to look over the software while having all the features explained to you. The person running the demonstration will also be able to enlighten you on how the software can be customised to your needs. Live demonstrations give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have as well.

What Are the Key Features Of the Software?

One very important thing you’ll want to be answered is the software’s main features. If you’re searching online for various event management and planning software, does the seller/maker list the software’s key features, so you can get an overview at a glance?

Some of the features you can expect to find are:

  • Interactive features for virtual conferencing
  • A ticketing/registration function
  • Event data analytics
  • Sponsorship and networking showcase opportunities
  • A secure access gateway
  • Attendee check-in
  • The ability to be customised
  • Live streaming directly into the platform for virtual or hybrid events
  • Breakout sessions
  • And so on…

The Takeaway

By answering the questions in this article, you’ll have a far clearer picture of what your event management software needs to be capable of. Very likely, you’ll come up with a few more questions of your own, but the information in this article will get you started on the right path. Take your time thinking about what you need before committing to a purchase.

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