What Makes A Global BBA Program Different From A Regular BBA Program?

As the world becomes smaller due to technology, there is a need for our education to catch up too. Luckily, in India today, several universities and colleges have made significant efforts to provide degrees that are up to global standards. Curriculums have been updated to include live projects, case study-based learning and also study abroad programmes.

The global BBA is a course where students finish off their final year in international countries. Business Schools like Universal Business School (UBS) have their BBA students travel to the United Kingdom to study at Cardiff Metropolitan University. How do these students differ from students with a regular BBA degree? Why should students opt for the Global BBA course over the regular BBA course? Let us find out.

What is a Global BBA?

A global BBA degree is similar to a regular BBA with one important distinction. Global BBA gives students the opportunity to complete the final part of the curriculum in a foreign university. BBA colleges in Maharashtra and India that provide global BBA degrees have tie-ups with international universities with management degrees. Usually, the syllabus demands completing two years in India with one year in a foreign university.

Students are exposed to a completely different culture and students from all different backgrounds. They get a wider understanding of the world. Moreover, the curriculum is designed to include the latest business practices and regulations. From the perspective of a recruiter, global BBA students have more technical and soft skills. Let us read on what are some of the ways a global BBA student differs from a regular BBA student.

How is the Global BBA different from a regular BBA?

A regular BBA degree is a generalised management degree. There are core courses and few electives. The global BBA degree has a more diverse range of subjects in its curriculum. Specialisations are not offered with the general BBA degree. If one were to learn about international businesses like in the Global BBA, one would have to choose the international business concentration. Another important distinction between both courses is that the regular BBA does not offer students a chance to complete a year in an international university. Moreover, as mentioned above, global BBA students have students from different cultures and countries, unlike the regular BBA degree.

How are global BBA students different?

To further illustrate the difference between a regular BBA degree and a global BBA degree, let us read through how a global BBA student differs from their other counterparts. Here, it is worth mentioning that each student will benefit differently from a degree. However, in general, there are some benefits that extend to and affect all students like the ones below.

Better flexible and adaptable: As global BBA students from any business schools in Mumbai or India move out to a completely new country and learn how to live on their own while managing their studies, they are more flexible and adaptable. As they have already experienced rapid change when moving abroad for the final year of study abroad, making them prepared to withstand any sudden changes. In a corporate setting, these individuals are preferred to keep a calm mind when making critical decisions quickly.

More confident: BBA colleges in Mumbai that offer global BBA witness their students have a higher degree of confidence. Being able to make friends and talk with new people while exploring a new country brings about a sense of independence. Having the ability to make one’s own decision, good or bad, and not relying on a family member to do so, creates a greater sense of responsibility. Moreover, students are usually living and managing their meals and regular day-to-day home tasks on their own. Over time, they become highly competent individuals.

Analytical mindset: Experts believe that studying abroad aids in building up many essential soft skills that are necessary for the workplace. In the regular BBA degree, classes usually cover only the theoretical aspect of the subject material. Not much of the practical aspect is learned. The global BBA course includes case studies, capstone courses and more. All of these together force students to think analytically. Being able to analyse situations in a more critical manner is a golden skill to have in higher-up management roles.

Networking: Probably the best benefit that global BBA students enjoy is the ability to network. Most management students learn to or get the opportunity to network at the postgraduate level degrees and not in the undergraduate degrees. Students in the global BBA are, on the contrary, interacting with experts from different countries on a daily basis. Even the faculty are usually working in and have experience in their fields. This network is excellent for not only looking for jobs after graduation but also for general advice during times of need.

High-paying jobs: Management institute in Mumbai and in the rest of the country offering global BBA degrees witness their students ending up staying there and working. Jobs are typically entry-level jobs in different corporations’ departments. However, the pay grade is as per the country’s standards which is higher than that of India’s entry-level salary for BBA graduates. There are more options in terms of job profiles and specialisations. Students have more space to explore their passions, learn transferrable skills and switch departments while maintaining the same salaries.

Immense learning opportunities: To wrap up the list of ways a global BBA student is different from that of a regular BBA, we have the immense learning opportunities students have access to. The range of subjects extends beyond the traditional management and business courses. There are also electives and subjects from other streams that students can choose to earn more credits to graduate. Importantly, global BBA courses have specialisations that recruiters and corporations are specifically looking for. As also mentioned above, the course teaches theoretical knowledge and trains students to have the right skills that companies look for.


At the onset, the global BBA degree is more attractive in terms of what they offer when a student is studying and after graduation as well. These courses are an excellent opportunity to learn new subjects, explore a wide array of specialisations, live in a new country, interact with students from across the world and network with the best. The Global BBA program of Universal Business School (UBS) is highly advanced and designed to guide students in all international business trends and approaches.

Global BBA students have all the tools to build up a bright future for themselves. Hopefully, the information mentioned here is enough to convince students to pick up Global BBA as their course of choice.


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