Smartest Way to Apply Lipstick Correctly for Your Lip Shape



Have you ever wondered what the smartest way to apply lip gloss correctly for your lip shape based on the shape of your lip is? Find here.


Smartest Way to Apply Lipstick Correctly for Your Lip Shape

Lipstick is the ideal method to significantly alter a look without committing to anything (other than a harmless bottle of color), and when done correctly, it can truly spice things up. Here’s how to make sure you do it correctly.

I always start with an exfoliator to get a smooth-looking lip. By eliminating the dead skin cells from your lips, not only will they feel smoother and better absorb the product, but they will also appear revitalized. Consider how you would feel after a facial, but for your mouth!

Applying Lipsticks Correctly 

When everything is in order, the next stage is to take precautions against fading, feathering, and migration. Lip liner is the instrument for this. When applying lip liner, I prefer to begin at the cupid’s bow and work my way out to one corner of the lips, using small, gentle strokes. By not drawing a single continuous line, I allow myself some leeway, but since it’s not continuous, any faults will be much less noticeable. This is also the stage at which I would do any necessary lip repairs while remaining natural.¬†

If you have thin lips, consider sketching right beyond the lip line to make them look broader and fuller. And, if you think your lips are too huge (which, in my view, they aren’t, but that’s just me), draw the line just within your natural lip line to make them seem slimmer. I wouldn’t go beyond a single line inside or outside the natural lip line since it may seem conspicuous and, therefore, pointless.

You may also select whether or not to color your lips with the liner at this point. This can help your lipstick stay longer, which is a big benefit but make sure the liner matches your lips or the lipstick shade. Otherwise, the colors will mix, which may be a good thing but isn’t always the case.

It’s time to apply lipstick once we’ve correctly contoured our lips using a lip pencil. When creating a pout, I usually have two brushes on hand: a medium-sized lip brush (often synthetic hairs) and a tiny-sized lip brush for precise areas like the corners of the lips. To begin, use a regular-sized brush and fill in your lips, leaving the corners unfilled. When applying lipstick, avoid stretching your lips; instead, maintain your mouth relaxed and natural. Then, using the smaller brush, fill in the blank spaces around your mouth, thoroughly covering the liner you applied and blending along the lip line, so the liner does not show through.

Remember that makeup is all about creating illusions, so if you want to make your lips look larger, direct light to the middle of your bottom lip. This is feasible with a gloss (ideally a shimmering one) put in that region or a lighter shade of the same tone of lipstick if you want a matte effect. If you want to make your lips look slimmer, avoid glosses and instead use dark matte hues. A basic rule of thumb for any portion of the face is to highlight places you want to draw attention to and darken parts you want to recede.

Lipstick is one of my favorite items to experiment with and create bespoke colors with, and I urge you to do the same. Two complementary lipstick colors may generate a plethora of other shades, so experiment to your heart’s pleasure!

What Colors Do I Wear – How to Apply Lipstick on Small Lips?

If you want to have the look of bigger lips than you naturally have, use the following procedure.

  1. Ask yourself, “What are my colors?” since all of your color cosmetics must be appropriate for your skin tone if you want to look your best at the conclusion of this procedure.
  1. Apply a proper color concealer or foundation to your lips, taking care to “erase” your natural lip line. This will offer a blank canvas for you to replicate the lines of bigger lips.
  1. Choose a lip pencil in an accurate but “natural” hue to redraw your lip line. Draw it just above and slightly below your top and lower lips. Make no effort to enhance your lip contour. You want them to seem organic.
  1. With the exception of tiny regions in the middle of the upper and lower lips, fill in the inside of the lip lines with the lip pencil.
  1. Apply a little amount of concealer to the gaps in the middle of the top and bottom lips. These regions will stay lighter after you apply your lipstick, giving the illusion of broader, thicker lips.
  2. If you desire to apply lipstick on your lips, you should do so. In case you have already analyzed your colors, you should have a selection of lipstick colors that will work well for you.
  1. As a final step, apply a glossy lip gloss over the lipstick in order to make it look more appealing. As a result, your lips will appear larger. It is always appealing to have a sheen that is gleaming. Considering it may make older women appear younger than they really are, it is a great option for ladies of all ages.

Choosing the right colors is an important part of the process. The attire you wear, your age, and the occasion all should be considered when choosing. Tones with a natural appearance are the best for girls. The bright colors that women wear to the workplace should be avoided by working women. Fair-skinned young ladies ages 18 to 25 are recommended to wear pink. If you are a woman in this age group with a dark complexion, you might consider wearing orange. In the twenty-five to forty-year-old age bracket, it is recommended that women choose a lighter shade of makeup. It is also important to consider the color of your eyes: pink is recommended for brown-eyed ladies, mild red for black-eyed ladies, scarlet and muted brown for blue-eyed ladies, and orange for people with greyish eyes.

A pink hue will work well for black and curly hair, and for gray hair, a scarlet hue will work. To complement an orange sari, wear pink lipstick and red clothing. The lipstick you buy in lipstick boxes should match the outfit you are wearing, but it isn’t always possible.

Using a lip liner, if your mouth is tiny, fill in the rest of your mouth with light lipstick. Those with large mouths should use light lipstick. A dark shade of lipstick and a light outline can be applied if your lower lip protrudes. If the lipstick is stale, do not reapply it. As far as I can tell, it does not sparkle at all. Additionally, it seems that it is not evenly distributed.


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