Everything You Need to Know About the Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes

Summer is here, and there’s arguably no better time of the year to get active, enjoy life outdoors, and explore your neighborhood or city. Biking has always been a favorite summer activity, helping people save time, exercise, and get around minus the pollution caused by a car or motorcycle. But what if you want the convenience of a motor, minus of all the emissions? 

The beach cruiser electric bike is a fantastic option for those wanting to get fit, explore, and help save energy, too. In this article, we’ll go over the origins of this exciting and increasingly popular biking option, explore how it differs from traditional bikes, and help you decide if an electric beach cruiser is a good choice for you!


The “beach cruiser” moniker in and of itself refers to a specific style of bike, which developed and became popular in the years immediately before and after WWII. These bikes were specifically designed to be comfortable, rider-friendly, and useful on a variety of terrains. Their aesthetic was modeled after that of a motorcycle, giving this particular style of bike a timeless yet classic look that hearkens back to the 1950’s. 

They are characterized by a sturdy, slightly robust build, durability, and slightly fatter tires than a racing bike. Built for practicality and comfort rather than speed, they have remained a bike of choice for casual riders, neighborhood paperboys, and tourists looking for a relaxing and capable bike to sightsee on. 

Their chunkier frame and strength lends them to a variety of surfaces, and they became especially popular with coastal vacationers and locals looking to pedal along or on the sea shore; hence the name “beach cruiser”. They do well for many different tasks, though, and are just as adept at picking up groceries as they are at navigating forested bike trails. 

Why Electric?

An electric beach cruiser, therefore, is simply a beach cruiser-style bike that has been outfitted with a battery and a motor, to help the rider move with greater ease and speed, minus the fatigue generally experienced through intense pedaling. 

The electric motor allows the rider to get help when going uphill, and can, on its own, propel the bike along at an average of 28-32 miles per hour. The rider pedaling along with the motor will increase this speed. This makes the electric beach cruiser ideal for a rider looking to maximize distance as well as speed, while ending their bike ride feeling less tired and more refreshed overall. 

Having the best electric beach cruiser does more than reduce fatigue for the rider; it’s an environmentally friendly option which gives off no emissions, and comes with a conveniently rechargeable battery. For those looking to maximize power while help protect the environment, an electric beach cruiser is a faster, safer, and well-built option. The quieter motor also helps cut back on noise pollution, saving your ears, while giving you access to trails and riding opportunities inaccessible to cars and motorcycles. 

What Makes the Electric Beach Cruiser Unique?

The electric beach cruiser is uniquely adapted for the casual rider, for long-term usability, and for convenience. The design of the electric beach cruiser is what impresses many people the most as first glace. It’s a classic, 50’s inspired design that lends itself well to any era, and any setting. Even better? The battery back is small, sleek, and blends in to the design of the bike.

This means that you’ll have a beautiful bike with a pleasing design, and a useful battery back that won’t get in your way, stand out too much, or distract from the look or riding experience of your electric beach cruiser. Just be sure to keep an eye on your bike battery’s power levels, charge up before riding, and you’ll be ready to go. 

What are the Benefits of Owning One?

One of the greatest benefits to owning an electric beach cruiser is the added incentive to get outside, get some fresh air, and exercise. While many of us understand that biking is good for us, the added fatigue and strain of pedaling can intimidate those of us who may have lower energy, or be unsure about how far they can bike without getting tired. 

But the electric power behind this bike takes care of that, and gives riders of any skill level the confidence and boost that they need to exercise, explore their neighborhoods, or get the most out of a vacation. Studies have shown that those struggling with depressive disorders often find relief from their symptoms through regular regimens of exercise. Getting physically active has been demonstrated to improve patient’s moods and overall well-being across a wide range of age groups. Those seeking to become more physically active as a response to depressive symptoms, or as part of a personal physical fitness goal may find a beach cruiser electric bike to be a simple and encouraging way to get outside, get active, and feel better, too. 

What’s more, these bikes are portable, small enough to store in a shed, garage, or in one’s living room, and are more maneuverable and easier to park than a car, especially in a traffic-congested city. While many city-drivers of cars find parking difficult if not impossible to come by, parking a bike is a relative breeze. 

Caring for Your E-Bike

Taking good care of your electric beach cruiser involves many of the same care and safety precautions you’d take with any bicycle, plus a few extra things to keep in mind when dealing with an electric ride. 

Most modern e-bikes use lithium ion batteries, which are rechargeable, quite safer than acid batteries used in years past, and lighter weight, as well. When charging your e-bike batteries, be sure to not over-charge the battery, as this can shorten battery life, and force you to replace the entire battery more often over the life of the bike. 

Be sure to store your bike’s batteries in a cool to moderate temperature location, and out of direct sunlight for extended periods when not in use. Excessive heat can damage batteries, and force you to replace them more often. The better care you take of you electric beach cruiser’s batteries, the longer life you’ll get out of them, and the further you’ll go. 

Finally, make sure your e-bike is stored in a safe, dry, and relatively cool location when not in use. This is better for the bike, better for the battery, and will reduce environmental wear and tear on your e-bike. I’ve pulled out a large number of improperly stored bikes over the years, to find them rusted out, and unusable. The better care you take of your machine, the more you’ll get out of it. 


There you go! Just about everything one could hope to learn about the electric beach cruiser. Be sure to check out different brands and price ranges, to find an e-bike that is right for you. Whether you’re hoping to sight see, get physically active, improve your emotional well-being, or explore your town, and electric breach cruiser is a beautiful, durable, and fun ride that can make that happen. 

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