Famous Japanese anime series

Not so old and one can understand the nature and concept of a good anime series. They say the best of the best. They sometimes react emotionally to me. Some people really specialize in design and storytelling.

There are hardcore anime fans who completely disagree with me. I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas so that I can improve this story. These are the 10 best Japanese anime series!

Top Animation Series10

Dragon Ball Z.

death Note

Rorowni Kenshin

Cowboy Beboop

Management White

Phil Metal Alchemist: Brethren


Neon Genius Evangelion

Pottery and Ceramics Triangle

one way

# 1 ‘Dragon Ball Z’

In fact, it may have been the largest Famous Japanese anime series launched by Dragon Ball Z in 1984. It was made from manga created by Akira Toriyama. The protagonist, Goku, is a world-famous figure and a symbol of Japanese anime.

If you are a fan of animation and / or have not seen the show, you should add it to your checklist. It has a complete combat system that will amaze you and keep you in the corner of your seat. I ‘ve seen hundreds of people become animators watching this show.

The text is well crafted and handled carefully and deeply. Despite its adult humor and somewhat nude, the Dragon Ball Z is family friendly.

# 2 ‘Death Report’

Death Note is truly a fun and unique mobile phone. His story casts doubt on justice and morality. It nullifies the notion of what makes man good and bad. The story is that amazing tactics always make you think.

The story revolves around Yagami Lights, who discovers a powerful notebook that allows its owner to kill anyone with his name. He used the book correctly and killed the criminals and brought them to justice. However, as soon as the police intervened, cats and mice began to be poisoned.

This is a unique motivation that should take your unbiased attention. The death report was an unforgivable experience. It is a complex story that is told concisely and succinctly. I spent hours watching the same program over and over again.

Kenshin Samurai X Anime.

Kenshin Samurai X Anime.

List the phobias

# 3 ‘Rooney Kenshin’

This is one of the most popular anime preparations. Still occasionally seen right.

The story is about Hemura Kenshen, a modernized assassin who goes through the Meiji era in Japan. He tries to help those in need for what he has done in the past.

This Danganronpa 2 anime has a dark and soft sound. The world born here is not Chinese so it works. The theme of Forgiveness and Redemption makes this series a thought-provoking series.

After ten minutes of watching I know this will be one of my all time favorites. The content is not unusual, but the film may have a much older audience than the younger ones. Rorouni Kenshin There are many parts that children do not understand.

# 4 ‘Cowboy Bebop’

Cowboy Bebop is considered by many to be one of the best animations ever made, including by me. This story takes place in 2071 in a deep place. This is followed by two CEOs, Spike and Jet, who work as experienced and talented entrepreneurs.

Cowboy Bebop is a sci-fi comedy film full of dialogue and humor. It would be nice if there was only one word to describe this series. Music deserves to be named because it has the best soundtrack of any genre. This is a mobile phone full of beautiful action and good humor.

# 5 ‘Bleach’

Bleach is about a 15-year-old boy named Ichigo Kurosaki who is given the power to harvest.

The self-harvesting rookie devotes his energy to Ichigo, also known as Hulu. His life changed forever because he defended the job and the beauty club. He must manage and use his new power to save people from demons and to guide them in later life.

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