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Just as the colors and materials of an interior space have a major impact on the general mood of people, lighting is at least as important in determining the mood of the occupant of the space. It also impacts perception, performance, security, and protection.

In offices, good lighting design can change employee efficiency and the overall mood. Too dark or too light can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your employees. Natural light should be included wherever possible, including the use of windows and skylights. Lighting control systems are now seen as a must. They can be pre-programmed Ceiling Rafts to maintain optimal lux output, preventing individual workers from switching if they ignore other workers. They also help save energy.

Restaurant and bar lighting is different and needs to be adjustable. Often rooms are used day and night, so a good lighting scheme is important to change the mood of the room. Good general mood lighting is required, but accent lighting is often used. Wall washers, canopy ceilings, recessed lights, cash registers, LEDs recessed in the floor are all techniques used to transform spaces. Lighting control systems are also very important in such spaces. The presets are used a lot throughout the day and change the mood.



LED lighting has been used for years. In commercial design, however, LEDs have long been too expensive and unattainable for the average job budget. Today, these costs are being reduced along with their performance, color and availability. Benefits include long life, reduced maintenance costs, low heat build-up, good color choices and a huge reduction in electricity bills (often up to 90%).

What is the benefit of involving a good interior/lighting designer in a project from the start?

Employing a professional from the start can drastically reduce the construction and equipment costs of the building. The professional quickly creates a budget from fixed and preferred items. This will encourage competition and thus reduce suppliers’ costs. A direct supplier offering a lighting design program will only use their products, which, while maximizing profits, are not necessarily the best for the space. A good lighting designer will lower your running costs in several ways. For example, over-lighting (a common problem in commercial spaces) is addressed, the reflectivity of surfaces can be changed to increase the brightness of the space, as well as designing good pre-programmable mood sets.


Last week I went to Rishikesh with my friends for rafting holiday. It was really a great trip full of fun and adventure. It was Friday evening; I came back from my office and saw my roommate helping our landlord. Our landlord and helper were about to start renovating our room as the room walls and ceiling made my room really gloomy and whitewashing our room was the only remaining option. I also joined them to keep all the things out of space.

After an hour, my cell phone rang and the call came from none other than one of my best friends. He called me as it was Friday night and he told me he was coming to my room with his younger brother to enjoy the weekend.

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