Make Your Own Metal Roofing For Your Property

Roofs made of metal tiles are prevalent among consumers. If you are a filmmaker’s type of roof, you should know that its installation must be done strictly according to all the standards and instructions. Otherwise, errors and violations will appear after a long time, and this kind of roofing will have to be done again. To prevent this, clearly follow all the steps described below

We will make a plan to track the progress of the work.:

  • Calculate the number of metal tiles.
  • Rafter system.
  • Cornice board installation.
  • Install the front board and file the overhang.
  • Sewer hook installation.
  • Installing waterproofing and installing counter mesh.
  • Placing planks around chimneys, ridges, and skylights.
  • Eaves mount.
  • Lower valley installation.
  • Place an apron around the chimney pipe.
  • Laying metal sheets.
  • End Plate Installation.
  • High valley installation.
  • Ridge battens and exterior corner installation.
  • Sewer installation.
  • Roof grounding.
  • Post-assembly work (cleaning, repainting)

Let’s consider each item in detail.

  1. Calculate the number of metal tiles

Metal tile sheets are sold. Each such sheet has a complete and usable width. Usable width is always 8-12 cm smaller than the full width. For this reason, only the usable width of the sheet is considered. Metal roofing San Antonio to get better services in your home. To calculate the required number of sheets, the maximum length of the horizontal slope is divided by the proper width of the sheet. The results are round.

The length of the sheet is calculated as follows:

  • Measure the length of the slope from Eve to the ridge;
  • Take into account the overhang from the cornice, which is 5 cm;
  • Consider the total overlap of all the sheets, which is 15 cm for each row;
  • Add all previous points.
  1. Rafter system

The rafter can be used in two sections: 15×5 and 10×5 cm. However, the distance between them has been selected from 60 to 90 cm. If you want to use long distances, you need to use a crate (extra transverse board). The humidity of the wood should not exceed 22%. Be sure to treat the plant with a fire extinguisher and antiseptic agent. To make the roof rectangular, again, measure the length of all the slopes diagonally. Note that the minimum roof slope should not exceed 14 degrees.

  1. Installation of the cornice board

The cornice board is designed to give the whole structure the necessary rigidity. It is mounted under the sewer hook in the grooves made in the rafter.

  1. Sewer hook installation

All sewers are planted on long hooks. These are attached either to the rafters or to the cornice board. This must be done before laying the metal tiles. The pitch of the hook must match the pitch of the rafter. Previously, hooks were grooved in the rafters for the legs.

So many roof installations in San Antonio companies are available near you. They are then bent into the grooves made and screwed with screws from the end or top of the rafter. In cases when metal tiles are already laid, they do this: they are not long but use short hooks installed on the front board.

That is, we divide the area of ​​each slope in half and get the area of ​​the ventilation slot.

Airflow will be provided: ventilation gap between filing eaves; Gaps between waterproofing and roofing, thermal insulation and waterproofing; The gap around the ridge.

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