The Boiler Heats Water But Not Heating

When we have a mixed boiler and the hot water comes out perfectly but we do not have heating, there is usually an easy solution, when it is the other way around it is usually a bad sign.

The first thing to do is check that the radiators are open and that the circuit is not empty (checking that the boiler pressure is at 1-2 bars).

It can also happen that the thermostat does not work correctly or has run out of batteries, causing the boiler not to activate for heating. It may also be that some temperature probe fails, believing that the water is at higher degrees than it really is.

If none of the above things happen, it may be due to a more serious problem, such as the 3-way valve being stuck in the DHW position, preventing it from going to the heating circuit, or the heating pump not works, preventing the water from circulating for that circuit.

A red light comes on in the boiler

Before raising your hands to your head, you must understand that the red light is usually the indicator of the blockage of the Boiler Repair. This blockage can be due to many things, from a closed valve that prevents the passage of gas to the boiler to a significant breakdown.

Steps to follow when a red light comes on in the boiler:

  • Check that the boiler is plugged in
  • Turn the boiler off and on to check that the error continues
  • Check that the gas tap is open
  • Check that nothing obstructs the smoke outlet
  • Check the water pressure on the gauge.

If nothing unusual is detected, it is necessary to check the error shown on the boiler display and look for it in the boiler manual or on the Internet. If we cannot solve the error, it is necessary to call an authorized technician to repair the boiler.

The revision of the boiler is mandatory every two years. We recommend carrying out an annual preventive review to avoid any breakdown, since in the end they are usually much more expensive than an annual maintenance service.

The boiler constantly turns off and on

The switching on and off of a boiler is completely normal in those old and/or low-end boilers that work with the ON/OFF system. When these detect that the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, they turn on, making the room reach the desired degrees, and when that temperature is reached, they turn off. When the temperature drops below the desired value, it turns on again.

The most modern boilers are always on when the heating is on, since when they reach the desired temperature they modulate the power and consume very little to maintain that temperature. This represents considerable energy savings.


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