Deciding on a technology-based company name – How to go about it?

It seems that 2020 has been a year of start-ups. Since the pandemic made many people lose their jobs, several people came up with their businesses. One of the domains that have seen massive growth in start-ups is the technology sector. Starting a tech start-up requires accurate planning and correct management of the available resources. But there is more to do than just setting up the tech business. 

Naming your technology company is an essential task. And like naming any company, naming a technology company has its challenges as well. It is necessary to make a judgment call on several aspects. So, if you find yourself here, we will discuss a few guidelines that will help you name your tech company in this article. 

  • Think basic and simple

While trying to think of a name for their tech company, most business owners often think about a creative name that is different and complicated. They believe it will distinguish them from other business names. It might, but there will be people who wouldn’t be able to relate to the name and also not able to recall the name later. That will be a classic failure! Hence, it’s always better to think simple and basic when you are naming your tech company. The easiest way to think basic and straightforward is to focus on the immediate product and services that you provide and explain it in simple terms. Once you do that, you will come across a name that will resonate with your business essence and can represent the brand through a company name. 

  • Take professional help

Today, there are tech business owners who don’t want to take a chance with their company names. Are you one of them? If yes, then the best way is to search for the tech company names provided by specific companies. These service providers have an array of names that can complement your business type and enable you to choose the name. For instance, if you mainly deal in digital solutions, you can choose a name with the word digital. That way, your customers will know what the tech company specializes in. If you have innovative digital solutions, you can choose a name like “Digital Rebel.” It will let people know that your company is a leader in digital solutions. Some company names are universal and can accommodate varied choices and services if you have a broader horizon. 

  • Make it memorable

When you are trying to name your tech company, try to emphasize the term “memorable.” When you are building a tech company, it will be there forever. Hence, to create an element of permanence in your company name, you should bank on the aspect of being memorable. For that, you will have to research and check out the names of other companies. Once you know that, you can make a distinctive choice. 

Naming your company is no kid’s play! It requires the correct know-how and research. When you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you can choose the best name for your tech company. 

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