How Links From The US Will Help International SEO in 2022?

How Links From The US Will Help International SEO in 2022

Developing a client’s international SEO strategy can bring additional challenges. Not only “traditional” SEO, but you now work in different countries and languages.

Knowing your target audience in your local city or state is easier. However, many companies are aware of the potential to expand their business in the international market.

Most strategies are similar to international SEO, but there are some new things you need to do to structure your site SEO and link-building efforts. This blog covers some of the basics of international SEO and shows you how links in the US can help your client, no matter where they are located.

Keep reading to find out more!

Know When It Was Time To Go Abroad

First, you need to think about whether a company can be global.

One of the easiest ways to find out is to check Google Analytics to see where your customers are coming from. If they have a global client base, it may be time to work on their international SEO actively. Further marketing research can also show if your clients’ products or services are needed abroad.

It is important to remember that international SEO costs time and money, so you want to ensure that your client gets paid for it.

You may not realize it, but more than 70% of Internet users worldwide do not speak English. And Google is not the leading search engine everywhere.

For Example – Russia uses Yandex and China uses Baidu. Your international SEO will most likely be done in another language and on a new search engine.

International SEO Tips

As with all other SEO work you do for a client, keyword research is the first step. Most international SEO is done in other languages, so your keywords may not be in English.

You can use Semrush to research organic traffic, keywords, competitors, and behavior. Each of them can also target a specific country or language. You can configure a top-level domain with a country code (ccTLD), subdomain, or subdirectory for the client site.

Focus on creating content that is relevant to both English and non-English visitors.

You will probably need to translate the new pages into the language of your target audience, and instead of relying on translation software to do the right thing, you will need to hire a fluent writer.

Adding the hreflang tag (rel = “alternate” hreflang = “x”) will also tell search engines what language or site you are using on a particular page. Your SEO optimization on the spot should also focus on geographic targeting.

The advice in this section is for beginners only. Then comes the most important step: link building.

Get Links From The US For International SEO

One of the most important questions we get from international SEO clients is: where do my links come from?

For example, if you optimize international SEO for German clients, is it reasonable to get links from the US?

The answer is yes! And that is the reason. Remember that relevance is the magic word of search engines.

Our SEO team has done a lot of research for clients interested in international SEO, and we have found that most websites link to .com domains, which are mostly in the United States.

Why would companies do that if they are not based in the United States or do not know English? Because the content they link to is relevant.

For example, if a Chinese perfume forum refers to a French perfume shop, the link will be considered natural. Language and country of origin do not play a role here.

Companies working on their international SEO can receive visitor contributions from US companies if the content is well written, high quality, and relevant.

But beware, working on spam posts is even riskier in global SEO. You only want to focus on getting the best out of it.

Need Help With International SEO?

Expanding your business worldwide can be a huge gain if done well. An International SEO agency will ensure that you reach the right customers.

We tell our clients that they can get links from anywhere globally – especially from highly authoritative .com sites in the United States – as long as the content is relevant and the visitor’s contribution is well done.

ESage Digital even offers a premium guest blogging service and a blogging reach service to increase client ratings. Do you have specific questions about optimizing your international SEO or how to get the right links for your site? It’s time to book an appointment with our SEO experts.

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