How to check Zong balance in 2022

Are you one of those subscribers who had to repeatedly call Zong to check their Zong balance?

The monopoly provider in Malaysia’s mobile industry has announced that they will be shutting down their all-inclusive plans for new subscribers from the end of 2018.

This means that from January 2019, Zong users will only be able to get any specific data and voice or text plan for a fixed price.

If you have a current plan, you will have to keep on calling Zong customer service to check your balance.

So how can you check Zong balance in 2022? Here’s how.

  1. Please keep your Zong number active and it will only take around three days.
  2. To check your balance, dial *234*40# (local number) or *234*50# (national number) on your Zong mobile device.
  3. You will then get the option to input your mobile number and balance, which will be displayed.

If you do not have a number, you will be asked to enter your mobile network operator (MNO) operator number.

Revenue collection

According to Zong, the reason for shutting down their all-inclusive plans is to better optimise their revenue collection.

“As we move towards the new market, we’re constantly optimising our marketing strategy, both offline and online, to keep up with changing market trends and user behavior. In line with this, our discontinuation of our all-inclusive plans is a move that maximises our revenue collection,” read the statement.

“From now onwards, existing and new Zong customers can continue to enjoy their Zong plans. We encourage our customers to stay with us to enjoy our services. We are also continuously working to ensure that we keep up with these updates and service enhancements.”

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