The vehicles can be automobiles, motorcycles, quads, go-karts, sidecars.

Concentration is a gathering of motorized vehicles that takes place on the public highway in compliance with the Highway Code, which provides for one or more assembly or crossing points and which is devoid of classification.

The event is a grouping of vehicles and one or more drivers. It presents a mechanical 무료스포츠중계 in its various forms (demonstrations, exhibitions, sporting event with timing or classification). These are events such as car rallies, hill climbs, motorcycle endures, etc. Any concentration that includes at least one timing is considered a demonstration.

What safety device is required?

Depending on the event, the device can be more or less elaborate. It can provide for an order service, the possible presence of the forces of order (police or national gendarmerie), means of communication (telephone, radio, etc.), fire-fighting means, an emergency organization, ambulances, the presence of doctors.

Is the sporting event the subject of a declaration or an authorization request?

A declaration is to be made for a concentration of more than 50 motor vehicles. with engagement of vehicles on a circuit, a field, a course, a link course; which has at least one timing;

The number of which is equal to or greater than 200 automobiles or 400 motor vehicles with 2 or 4 wheels (accompanying vehicles included).

A field is an area of ​​evolution closed to public traffic, without a defined route, where disciplines such as trial, motocross, all-terrain endurance are practiced.

A journey is an unclosed route from a start point to a distinct end point. It uses lanes temporarily closed to public traffic. The start is given individually to each competitor (rally, endure).

A connecting route is an unclosed route from a start point to a separate end point. It uses roads open to public traffic on which participants respect the Highway Code. The fields and courses must be subject to federal approval. This can be obtained by a club or a league.


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