Digital transformation as a way of life

Digital transformation

In the times in which we live, technology plays a very important role in our lives, both in the personal environment and in the day-to-day environment at work. We have all digitized ourselves, either because we have been forced to do so by the passage of a terrible pandemic, or for any other reason.

Whatever the reason, we live in a totally digitized, online world in which practically nothing would work without internet access. We can talk to any relative, friend or acquaintance who is in the other part of the world in real time. We have learned to work remotely, each from our homes or places where we feel most comfortable.

All this has forced us to change our way of thinking and, above all, of relating to other people, both in the work environment and in the personal environment. We have learned to manage work teams without being physically close to each other, without touching each other or being able to go for a coffee at the bar next to the office, but nevertheless, we have been able to adapt to the situations and to this new world we are living in.

We have virtual coffees sharing conversations and emotions through electronic devices, and that makes us feel very connected even though we are really so far away from each other. Technology has brought with it good things and others that may seem less good to us, but what is certain is that in general it makes our lives better, it simplifies tasks for us and helps us better manage many situations in our lives.

How to keep a team together working remotely

As we have been commenting, remote work continues to grow, and more and more companies have global teams all connected through the Internet. This has meant that the way team members work and relate to each other has changed substantially and different measures have been adopted to make the work go ahead.

These types of measures, such as organizing events in online places like the metaverse, are going to increase more and more, and we must be prepared to welcome them with open arms. Without going any further, the typical celebration of a colleague’s birthday, the farewell of a team member who will soon start a new professional challenge, the retirement of a colleague, the birth of a baby or the wedding of someone they know, are events and occasions that until today we celebrated in a totally physical way.

Currently there are some platforms that allow us to celebrate special events like these from anywhere in the world and sharing these moments with as many people as we want.

Many companies use SendGift to improve co-workers relationships

SendGift is an online platform that allows you to celebrate special occasions completely online. In fact, it digitizes a process that was previously done manually, such as collecting signatures or dedications from each of the office colleagues to create a kind of dedication book that ended up being delivered in physical format to the birthday person or person celebrating something special that day.

Now it’s not like before, you can simply access a platform and create a digital board with special messages or dedications from all the people who want to participate in it. It will be enough for one person to create the group card and share it through any electronic device, then the collaborators will be able to access the card and add their messages along with photos, videos, GIFs or any other multimedia content. Once everyone has made it, the gift will be sent directly to the final recipient who can save it in digital or physical format if they wish.

From the company they comment that the product was born to solve a need in companies that work with remote teams, and that the degree of adoption of the tool and active users is increasing more and more as teleworking is implemented in business environments.

However, although a high percentage of users are companies, the solution is also available to any user who, on a personal level, wants to give a pleasant surprise to any family member or friend.

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