Beginners Guides: Successful Tips To reduce Bounce Rate

Increasing bounce rate is not a good sign for any website. Lot of people doesn’t have much knowledge about bounce rate so the question arises what is bounce rate? How to reduce it? That’s why; first I’ll give you a brief introduction about bounce rate.

It is the rate, calculated when a visitor visit your site and that percentage of total visitor who visit yur site and immediately switch it after visiting one page. It is much similar or sometime also consider as an exit rate.

The increasing bounce rate leaves a negative sign about your site. It means that your site is boring and visitors don’t want to view other pages of your site. Normal Bounce rate of a particular site is below 50.

Now, let’s move on to the main topic many people want to know how to reduce bounce rate of a site and what are the useful tips to reduce bounce rate.

So below are the few tips to follow.stardew valley farm names

Successful Tips To reduce Bounce Rate:

Following are the tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of your site. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Increase Internal Linking:

Internal Linking, one of the best tactic webmasters use to reduce bounce rate of site. It is not much difficult to do as it is just needed your little attention on it.

Whenever before publishing a post on your site or blog, make sure that you have done all steps of internal linking on post. Internal linking help to decrease the bounce rate of site that helps in increasing traffic and stick people on your site.
Link to related post of your site as an anchor text, helps visitors to find all necessary information related to that post and helps you to increase page views of your site. Following other interesting things that are highlighted below:

  • Link to your old content
  • Link only to relevant content
  • Don’t use Rich anchor text in linking
  • Use synonyms for anchor text
  1. Delay Pop-up:

No doubt! Pop-up helps in increasing email subscriber list of any site and help you to increase conversion rate but some people are against pop-up as they consider it to decrease in conversion rate but I have a simple solution of this problem.

Delay in your pop-up timer, helps to increase your email subscriber list as well as people stay on your site for a long period of time that helps in reducing bounce rate of site. Because a quick pop-up of email subscription gives a direction to visitor to move on from site as it annoys to start reading article on site.

Few ideas:

  • Pop-up time extend to minimum 20 seconds
  • Don’t threat people in pop-up
  • Don’t show pop-up after few seconds again and again for a single visit stardew valley farm names
  1. Improve Web Design:

Poor design of site fails to attract most of the readers where as design is not only depend on color or theme of site. But a poor placement of widgets and too much advertisement also create problem.

Proper web design attracts visitors to stay on site for a long period of time and come back again to site. As it is not much difficult to do but a short decline of this point increase bounce rate and give visitors a direction to move on other sites.

  1. Say Stop to Fake Traffic:

Sometimes fake traffic  from or traffic increase bounce rate of site as it’s a fake redirecting traffic without landing visitors to site it redirects to another site.

Don’t buy fake traffic from other sources as it harms users experience to site and Google also ban these kinds of sites. Monitor your site traffic and block fake traffic to reduce bounce rate of your site.

Few Ideas:

  • Need traffic? Use Google advertisement or bing advertisement
  • Don’t buy fake traffic
  • Don’t redirect pages to other sites
  1. Create Landing Pages:

It is important to have a landing page  that attracts visitors to stay on site and visit your site repeatedly. These pages helps in increasing targeting traffic on site who spend their money to buy your product as well as to helps in decreasing bounce rate of the site and get proper index in search engine ranking quickly and boost site ranking in front of your competitors.

Few Ideas:

  • Landing Page must be relevant
  • Make sure Landing page has designed properly
  • Landing Page is not only to force visitors to subscribe an email


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