Sport Tests “At Home” Production From UK’s dock10 Studios

The event followed months of technical testing and innovation between Arena Television and dock10, which jointly completed the live trial of a new “virtual gallery” solution. BBC Sport’s production team was based in a studio in dock10 that enabled a reduced amount of crew and kit to be sent on location at the match.

Joe Noonan, Commercial Manager at Arena TV,

said that the remote gallery solution gives the production team the same control over production values as if they were at the event, with this trial’s success demonstrating that it can deliver sport as seamlessly as being on site.

“Broadcasters face ever increasing competition in delivering live sport to audiences and remote galleries enable a reduction in cost while also reducing the environmental impact,” he said.

Being based in the dock10 studios allows clients to manage multiple games and events on the same day from one site.

“With the appetite for reducing travel and increasing efficiencies,

this has the potential to be the new standard in nba중계 said Andy Waters, Head of Studios at dock10. “As the entire camera feeds are sent to our gallery, we can also provide multiple alternative live feeds to audiences and different versions of a game for different channels.”

“As we explore the many potential advantages that the remote galley solution can provide, the success of our live trial with BBC Sport is a confident step in this new direction,” he said.

Arena Television Ltd. offers broadcasting and news gathering services while supporting multi-camera coverage of sporting events, music festivals and large studio based shows.

Even in a pre- and post-corona virus world, TV broadcasters were increasingly being tasked to do more with less, notes Telemetric’ Cuomo.

“They are seeing a lot of their capital budgets being cut.

They’re all seeing their operating budgets being cut,” he noted. “But they want to put a product on TV that is just as good as what they were doing before.”

During COVID-19, broadcasters are being tasked with creating remote production setups unlike anything that anyone thought would be seen in the professional broadcast world.

Looking back at the solutions created for COVID-19 broadcasting, broadcasters will take stock in what they did, acknowledging the growing pains and even that the output wasn’t quite at the high level — but this is a great opportunity to iterate new everyday solutions for going forward.

“We’re heavily invested in both the robotics and the control system aspect and that’s very valuable for customers because we can integrate a lot of different pieces of equipment that you wouldn’t normally expect in a robotic control panel,” noted Cuomo.

Telemetric products are also interchanging and upgradable for broadcasters looking to enter the world of robotic camera control but aren’t ready to jump in full force, meaning one piece of equipment can be added on for more functionality and features down the road.


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