Services that startup creative agency offers

Halo Lab is one solution for the creative startup development requirements.

In the era of Startups, where everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, having creative business ideas. But, having a great idea is just a first step. Many narratives have to be implemented to make your startup a success. The most crucial part is a creative website, branding, and strategy. Halo Lab startup creative agency are experts in the field and help you convert your idea into reality.

Services offered

Halo Lab startup creative agency provides holistic startup establishment service through its innovative solutions.

Brand Discovery: Branding is an important aspect when it comes to the success of any startup. The branding that Halo Lab startup creative agency creates is so appealing that it attracts visitors and converts them into leads. Your products and services are so described that the prospects just can’t resist themselves from buying.

LOGO Creation: Logo is the face of any business. A logo should be straightforward, unique, and eye-catching, and we make sure to make it just perfect.

Brand identity: Always, there must be an emotional connection between the brand and the customer. We create the elements in such a way that there is a different and distinctive brand identity a customer keeps in his mind Stardew Valley Farm Names.

We have a 6 stage Startup Branding Design Process

Defining business goals – Setting a predetermined target to achieve over a period of time helps and motivates you to plan accordingly.

Product discovery – we help you refine your products or services based on deep market research and real consumer problems, which helps acquire the maximum number of customers.

MOODBOARD creation: We create the mood board in such a way that it sets the right path for a creative project.

Ideas generation – Creating and implementing the ideas to reach the most effective and efficient solutions to consumer problems.


Identity development: We create the brand’s identity so that it sets up your values and helps you decide what you want people to feel about your brand. We make sure the perception of your brand to the people is how you want.

Marketing strategy: We make marketing strategies so that your product reaches a maximum number of prospects and ensures maximum conversion. Visit:

Our Clients 

We have acquired more than 100 startups till now, over a period of 8 years, and helped them raise over $ 500 million with our creative ideas and strategies. They include several international clients. We have clients from different areas. Like Real estate, E-commerce, insurance, SaaS, etc.

Final Words

If you are looking for an attractive website and creative solution for your startup, our services are there to help you. We are offering you front-end and back-end web development, responsive web design, Node Js, React Js development service, brand making services to convert your startup into a successful business and achieve the objective of your startup. Our agency has also been rewarded by Upwork.

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