Worst Boxing Records in History

Worst Boxing Records

There are countless examples of the worst boxing records in history. Floyd Mayweather holds one of the best records, with a perfect 50 fight record. Meanwhile, Rocky Marciano stands on the other end of the spectrum with a 49-0 record. While Mayweather is a legend, many of us have to question the value of such a lowly boxing record. The best boxers in history have been journeymen who ended up with terrible records. Donnie Penelton, nicknamed the Black Battle Cat, competed in the lightweight division from 1990 until 2009, despite his poor performance. He won six fights in the nineties but was a perpetual loser, with a 32-fight losing streak.

Robin Deakin’s 51-fight losing streak was undoubtedly the most dismal of all boxing records. The welterweight turned professional in 2006 and won his first pro fight. However, his second professional fight ended up in a draw. His fight against Damian Lawniczak was a flop, and he lost the following two bouts. While his record doesn’t look promising, he has an incredible story to tell.

Robin Deakin is another example of a boxer who has a horrific record. His first professional bout was in 2006, and he lost all fifty of his subsequent fights. His record is a staggering 12-279, and he has never won two consecutive bouts. His last fight was a KO in Bethnal Green. The following list highlights the worst boxing records in history. There are plenty more examples of such boxing record-breakers.

Reggie Strickland, who had the worst record, is the most infamous boxer in history. He has won only one bout, and lost every other. He was a semi-finalist in the British Youth Championships. Despite his mediocre performance, he remains one of the most infamous boxers in history. But he has a good reason for his bad record. You can’t blame him.

Robin Deakin has the worst record of all time. He has been knocked out 12 times in his last 50 fights. His only win is in the semi-finals of the British Youth Championships. He was banned from boxing in Britain, and was unable to fight in the United Kingdom for two years. Nevertheless, he has one of the worst boxing records in history. It’s a shame that he is so popular.

Robin Deakin is another fighter with one of the worst records of all time. After his debut in 2004, Deakin went on to lose his first five professional fights. He lost 12 of them in a row and is now fighting under a Malta permit. The same goes for his other mediocre boxing records. So far, he has won just three of his last 50 bouts. He has never won more than two fights.

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