SPEED-24’s ‘Transfer Of A Sports Broadcasting Subsidiary’ Moves To Force.


It is known that SPEED-24 plans to enforce the organizational restructuring plan to transfer the sports program broadcasting and production functions to its subsidiary SPEED-24 Plus this month, and members of the sports department are strongly resisting it.

SPEED-24 tried to push for reorganization of the sports department last year, but after a lot of internal opposition, it took a step back to make a decision after collecting opinions. However, at the second meeting held on the 6th, it is known that the management expressed its intention to carry out the organizational restructuring plan as scheduled and internal conflicts are rekindling.

A PD from the Sports Bureau said

“At the beginning of the meeting, the labor and management would fully understand and reach an agreement, but at the second meeting on the 6th, we received a strong message from the company about the reorganization. I will do it,” he said.

SPEED-24 Planning Director Jeong Young-ha, who attended the meeting on behalf of the company, is said to have explained the plan to transfer the 해외스포츠중계 and production to the SPEED-24 Plus channel at the end of this month and reorganize the headquarters to focus on planning. If a member of the sports department wants it, it will change to a subsidiary, and if a person does not want it, it will be relocated to the department.

26 members of the SPEED-24 Sports Bureau issued a statement on the 12th and said, “To tell a PD not to produce a program is like a death sentence. “I feel betrayed and angry with the management that is pursuing this.”

They believe that the transfer of sports broadcasting and production functions to a subsidiary will not only weaken SPEED-24’s competitiveness, but also that if current producers are excluded from work, broadcasting of the Tokyo Olympics, etc. will be disrupted.

In a statement, they said

“The management is repeating the story of how to take the Tokyo Olympics as a test, exclude existing sports producers from their work, and ‘try’ to run it at its subsidiary, Sports Plus.” With only 190 days left, the members of the Sports Bureau are in a situation where they can’t even properly prepare for the competition.”

He continued, “Starting with the Tokyo Olympics, the management’s ‘point-and-shoot’ approach, who can’t even prepare for big events, such as the Winter Olympics, the Asian Games, and the World Cup, is encouraging the weakening of SPEED-24’s competitiveness.” It is absurd to say that they do not want to undermine their competitiveness in the general event while excluding PDs who have the best understanding of Olympic broadcasting from their work.”

Contacted the planning director Jeong Young-ha, who is in charge of the reorganization, several times, but he did not reach them.

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