Watch for Signs of Termites in Your Home in Leander!

Termites are more than nasty pests. Unlike bed bugs that thrive on your blood, termites don’t bite but are capable of causing serious problems. These creepy insects survive on wood, and it is not unusual to come across properties ravaged by termites in Leander. The good news is you can look for signs of termites at home, and if there is evidence of an infestation, you can seek help right away. Many Leander pest control companies offer same-day services, and you can expect to mitigate the risks without further delay. Here are some signs of termites to watch for.

  1. Structural damage. If you have termites at home, you may find the first signs of damage around the windows and doors. Check the frames, and if a door/window doesn’t open or close normally, check for termite infestation. The biggest problem with initial structural damage is the lack of evident signs, but you can keep an eye around the house. By the time you hear sounds of hollow wood, things have worsened for sure.
  2. Damage to wallpaper and paint. Termites chew wood and create tunnels to survive. You may find unusual holes in wallpaper in cases of termite infestation. Also, check if paint around the wooden structures is chipping off or has blisters.
  3. Discarded body parts. Some types of termites shed wings and are attracted to light. These are called swarming termites, which shed wings as they move to form a new colony. If you have found shed body parts and wings, call the pest control team immediately.
  4. Unusual mud tubes. Probably the most common sign of termite infestation, mud tubes are seen around the house. These mud tubes appear like veins and are mostly seen in the exteriors. You can break a mud tube to see if there are termites inside.

Do you need professional exterminators?

Yes, absolutely. Termites are extremely hard to get rid of, and ignoring the problem doesn’t resolve it. In fact, if the termites end up causing massive structural damage, you would end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs. DIY pest control methods are anything but effective and don’t even think of the TikTok hacks. Get an exterminator to inspect the property, and once they know the extent of the infestation, they can start the work, which may involve using termiticides and sealing points of entry close to the foundation.

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