Spice and Condiments in Indian Recipes

Indian cuisine is more about flavoring. Seasoning and tempering are essential necessities in all parts of India. India is known for its versatile variety of cuisines and because of its urban dwelling, there is an easy transition in adopting cooking trends. Food is generally gourmet in any part of India. Generally, culinary trends are related to local products. Seasonings and spices are imported internally if the local area does not have produce.

There are various ways to use spices. For example in types of rice such as khichdi, pulao, or biryani, it is a tradition to use the whole spice in its pure form. This adds to the flavor and aroma that is felt when the food is being cooked. The advantages of using spices are flavor enhancers and also help build an appetite. Desserts are also assisted with spices such as cinnamon or cardamom which give it a distinct taste and are beneficial for digestion.

Every Indian house has a traditional stock of selected spices and in many kitchens, we find masala or mixtures that are usually associated with this type of cuisine. It is a common trend to use garam masala in North  indian tech blog style and this is a huge list of spices that are gently ground into a fine blend. Just a little is enough to whet the appetite. South Indian Sambar is also a variety of spices and asafetida is a normal inclusion.

Herbal remedies are also used with standard spices. Treating flatulence is common with the concoction of jeera in boiling water. It is also believed that the asafetida mixture applied to the stomach can relieve gas problems. Spices also have bacteria-fighting properties and are therefore used in pickling storage. Apart from the taste, the spices also help in preserving the food for a long time.

Roots such as Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric are very high in medicinal properties. Ginger is very good for relieving sinus problems and garlic is good for balancing cholesterol in the body. Turmeric is pure and antiseptic and is also known to loosen the phlegm in the body during the common cold. Cloves with their characteristic spices are an important part of Indian cuisine. The sharp kokum taste in Indian cuisine is very common in India.

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