Why is Dubai a 2022 trend?

Dubai a 2022 trend

All the delights in one city at once


All the delights in one city at once
All the delights in one city at once

There are indeed a huge number of attractions in the city itself. What do you need to know as soon as you arrive? The country is very hot and it is almost impossible to move around on foot. So, a great way to start is to take a car from a rental company. The prices will surprise any tourist as they are very low. The service will not leave anyone indifferent. That’s why you need to rent Coupe in Dubai and go as soon as possible to conquer the vastness of the country.

The incredible palette of entertainment



You can explore the historical districts, the ancient fortress, or take a tour of the colorful oriental bazaars. If you want to get close to the water, take a ride on a traditional dhow on the Gulf of Dubai. You can also discover the Emirate’s traditional arts such as calligraphy or sadhu weaving. And even in the desert, there is plenty to do: go on safari, check out the falconry and learn about Berber customs in specially erected tents and much more.

Dream Shopping




Amazingly beautiful views




A trip to the United Arab Emirates is an immersion in a relaxing atmosphere of well-deserved relaxation. The amazing cities of this country are first and foremost fascinating because they are islands of life in the center of the desert. There is an ice arena rounded by sand, trees blossom and flowers smell amazing. Under the scorching sun of the desert, you can enjoy a world of fun and fulfillment. You can get into a rental company without a single problem, take any car there and see the beauty of Dubai for yourself.

Safety of tourists and excellent service



Forbes Traveler magazine ranks Dubai as one of the top ten safest tourist destinations. And Mercer’s prestigious ranking places Dubai and Abu Dhabi among the world’s top 100 most livable cities every year.

At Dubai Airport, those arriving at the airport get a retinal scan to determine whether a person has visited the country before and whether he or she has had any problems with the law. And by 2020 they will have replaced traditional terminal screening systems with virtual aquarium tunnels. All to maintain high-security standards with minimal discomfort for guests.

The UAE is generally known for its hospitality. There are super fashionable hotels (such as the famous seven-star “sail” Burj Al Arab), as well as budget three-and two-star apartments. Regardless of the number of stars, the rooms are always comfortable, air-conditioned, and fully equipped. Almost every hotel complex in the Emirates has its pool, bar, and fitness room. The system

The world’s best beaches



Dubai has plenty of sandy beaches, sunshine, and blue water to offer for a relaxing beach holiday thanks to its more than 60 kilometers of coastline and numerous artificially created islands. In addition to private hotel beaches, Dubai has many public beaches that are well equipped and attract visitors with excellent sporting and gastronomic offerings. Whether it’s families or just active tourists looking for a break, every holidaymaker will find their favorite beach in the Arabian metropolis. There are paid and free, wild and beautifully landscaped, deserted, and crowded areas. The quality of the beaches is about the same: white or golden sand, shallow entrance to the water, shallow depth. The main difference is the location, facilities, and amenities.


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