Frequently Asked Questions About Kraft Soap Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions About Kraft Soap Boxes

While we know how important product packaging is becoming, there is still confusion on why, how, and when to choose for kraft soap boxes. 

Though there is much information on the Internet about why kraft soap packaging is the leading alternative. Here are some frequently asked questions that are mostly left unanswered, finally packed in one article to help you go through the kraft soap box selection process. 

Concerns For Kraft Soap Boxes & Your Answers

If we talk about the most common hurdles faced when opting for kraft soap boxes, there are two categories that are based on soap box types. 

The first one: Concerns regarding soap packaging designs. 

The second: Charges and services used for soap packaging boxes. 

Some are prominently answered here. 

Soap Boxes Designing Process Concerns

What Are Kraft Soap Boxes? 

Kraft soap boxes are designed to help you ship, promote and keep your soap products safe. The efficient mechanism of the soap packaging allows possibilities towards better shelf life quality. Kraft soap boxes can be customised with packaging designs, aesthetics graphics, shapes and illustrations of many different types.

What Add-on Choices Can You Get for Kraft Soap Packaging?

To beautify custom soap boxes, a kraft soap box can have the following features as extra components: 

  1. Custom Window Cut Out
  2. Gold/Silver Foiling
  3. Embossing
  4. Raised Ink
  5. PVC Sheet
  6. Eco-Friendly, Recycled Boxes, Biodegradable

Custom soap boxes have these with coating and printing features to steal hearts. 

What Type of Packaging Stock is Used to Manufacture Soap Boxes?

Leading cosmetic packaging condones use the latest materials for the preservation of nature and quality of the kraft soap box. Here are some common packaging stocks used for kraft soap boxes.

  1. Corrugated
  2. Kraft cardstock
  3. Rigid stock
  4. Bux board and cardboard

Common kraft soap box printing stocks include 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb.

 What Should be on Soap Packaging?

Worthy looking and best selling kraft soap boxes include these high quality features:


Soap Boxes with Logo: To make the kraft soap boxes recognizable on the shelf. 

Unique Soap Box Design: For better sales and a good unboxing experience. 

Coated Surfaces: Kraft soap boxes should have colourful and high end finishes like matte and glossy.

What are Soap Boxes Made Off?

Here are some common packaging materials for soap boxes. 

  1. Cardboard
  2. Carstock
  3. E-flute
  4. Kraft
  5. Rigid

Why are Kraft Soap Boxes Important?

Kraft soap boxes are all about gravitating customers by giving product boxes better looks and a name to be recognizable in shops. Whether the soap boxes are used for organic products, kraft soap packaging will help keep the soaps intact and safe in Its own box. Which can lead to greater and better sale reviews.

Can I Design my Packaging for Soaps?

Yes, you can design the artwork of kraft soap boxes. The main benefit of a custom soap box is the ability to amend the style and design according to your choices.Professionals at cosmetic packaging companies like Get Cosmetic Boxes will help you adapt professional looking templates. 

Just upload the draft in Adobe softwares, or any other of your choice. You can make required changes to the illustrated template and give your own graphical animation images to be printed on the kraft soap boxes.

Why is it Important to Think About Custom Packaging for Soaps?

Most high end beauty brands are known for their prominent brand names and taglines. Refreshing your product box choices with custom kraft soap boxes can help you not get lost in the world of competition.

With soap boxes, it becomes easier to answer customer concerns, put your brand out there, and create a positive response, and evoke instant buying impulses!

Do I Have to Provide Illustrations for My Soap Boxes?

Yes, you can request, or make artwork specifications for kraft soap boxes and get your own graphical animation images. Artwork illustrations require specificity, and you can save time by giving clear cut orders to cosmetic packaging designers to ensure your design is exactly as you imagine. Moreover, you can either choose from your own packaging designs or request new ones at GetCosmeticBoxes quote options. 

How to Make Cost-effective Kraft Soap Boxes?

You can reduce packaging requirements for kraft soap boxes and stick to common box designs. You can further optimise the dimensions and shapes to accommodate more of your product. And include cost effective packaging materials. Moreover, you can create cost effective soap boxes from wholesale cosmetic packaging companies too  

Can I Get A Unique Soap Boxes Style with Various Features?

Yes, there are over 28 different boxes styles for kraft soap packaging. These  will allow you to pack your product in different designs. Which in turn can further be elevated with Add Ons.

Conditions & Charges of Soap Packaging Boxes

How Long Will It Take for My Custom Soap Boxes to Arrive?

The minimum delivery time of custom soap boxes is 6-7 business days. And if you choose to go generic, it will be at your door within 4 days.

How to Get A Free Quote for Kraft Soap Boxes?

You can go on Get Cosmetic Boxes site to request a free quote and get a reply back in 24 hours! And get your favourite features applied on kraft soap packaging.

What’s the Minimum Order Quantity for Kraft Soap Boxes?

In your first order you can start with 100 boxes. And go to a maximum of 500,000.

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