10 Marketing Trends that will impact your side hustle in 2022

Marketing and Branding is all about influencing people in a way that they recognize your business brand. They will be exposed to yourwebsite, logo design and packaging whenever they see.

Branding helps your small business to create a strong impact on the audience. With the help of a strong brand and good marketing plan you attract a wide audience by creating a brand name and brand image.

Find out the top marketing trends that will impact your side hustle. These trends can create a significant difference in your small business.

The digital trends are rapidly changing, and so are the marketing trends. This article will highlight the 10 marketing trends that you need to follow in 2022.

Create a high-quality logo brand

Logo will play a significant part in 2022, where people will be attracted to high-quality brand identity because it shows professionalism. Small businesses need to understand that quality logo design can create a difference and impact the thinking of their audience.

In this way, you can play around with the writing style so that your content tells your business story. You can also use amazing modern 3D logo effects and videos for better engagement in your posts.

Again, creating a great logousing the best free logo maker onlinecan be a game-changer for your side hustle because it makes the ordering process more accessible and flexible.

Create YouTube Shorts or short videos

One of the best ways to interact with your audience is through video. You can explain your business and offerings by creating short videos that last up to 30 – 60 seconds. Also, Logo revealvideo is also a very popular style to grab brand awareness. You can use an intro maker to create any style of video. We have seen YouTube blow up short videos, upload them with the right hashtags, and you are all set to gain a larger following.

In addition, most people like to share short videos to help your business reach a wider audience without spending anything. Also, these video marketing tactics will become the most widely used digital marketing tactic in 2022.

Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has created a wide stance for small businesses. Small businesses can use different platforms to enhance their reach. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most common platforms that will help you expand in 2022. Also, you will come across new features and functionality due to an update.

In addition, you can spend some bucks to target your desired audience. For example, after creating your Facebook business page, placing a great Facebook cover and your logo, you are ready to publish your brand. Facebook Ad campaigns leverage targeting your customers by choosing their age, interests, and hobbies, which will help target the right audience and generate more leads for your side hustle.

Email Marketing

Email marketing will also be a part of digital marketing tactics in 2022. Email marketing has a great potential of enhancing customer retention, and it can also be used to notify new upcoming in the business.

You can also use email marketing for promotional emails. It will help you get a wide following that will also attract more people to follow your business and stay connected by increasing the engagement on the posts.


Most small businesses neglect the importance of personalization. However, personalization can help customers get personalized responses and messages, which delivers complete customer satisfaction.  Make sure that on every branded email or advertisement you place your logo design, your brand colors and a link to your website and social media.

Introduce Chat Box for the best user experience

Again, we have seen most businesses introduce chatbots in 2021; however, improvising chatbots in a small business can help customers reach out to you without thinking because they can ask anything from the chatbot.

Chatbots will help the customer find the products and services they are looking for, delivering the best user experience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is going nowhere in 2022 because people have started following brands, personalities, and leaders to a vast extent. Also, influencer marketing is one of the best and quick ways to gain followers.

Instagram is a perfect platform for carrying out influencer marketing. You can choose any celebrity or influencer by contacting a digital marketing agency, or you can direct message them to promote your product/services.

Introduce AI

Well, 2022 will be the year when most businesses will start to apply artificial intelligence for best results and carry out a data-driven approach.

Most businesses have applied artificial intelligence, and you can also do the same to give an ultimate user experience.

Connect with brands

Also, collaboration and collaborating with other brands is going nowhere in 2022. You can contact different brands and show your talent to them. You can also create lucky draws and competitions to get more engagement.

In addition, connecting with a brand will help you target their audience and expand your followers rapidly.


Last but not least is SEO; search engine optimization will still be a part of ranking your content and website. You can use the most relevant and searched keywords in your content to give your side hustle a boost.

These were the top ten marketing trends that will help you make a mark and excel in your business, and the results are guaranteed.


This brings us to the end of 10 marketing trends that will impact your side hustle in 2022. We are sure that you will achieve your business goals with the help of these tactics and trends. So, make sure to incorporate these tactics and make a difference in 2022. Good luck to all side hustlers.

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