Looking for when picking Baby Bottles for Gas and Colic Prevention

Baby Bottles

Looking for when picking Baby Bottles for Gas and Colic Prevention. Gas occurs when air is trapped within the stomachs of newborns or in their digestive tracts. This is usually due to taking in too much air into the milk they consume while feeding. Although gas may cause a lot of irritation for your child, it’s very common in babies due to their lack of digestive systems.

The good thing is that, by choosing the right bottle, you will be able to assist in relieving symptoms from a variety of frequent issues related to feeding such as gas. But, with the variety of brands on the market – each one promising something unique and different – it’s not easy to narrow down the choices and pick the right option for your kid as well as you. Here is the complete guide to picking the best baby bottles for gas for your child.

What should I look for in the perfect baby bottle?

Here is a brief description of the various types of baby bottles and the ways they differ.

  • Standard bottles have been designed traditionally and can be used by the majority of infants.
  • Bottles that have an angled neck are bent at the neck in order to prevent air from getting inside the nipple, resulting in better feeding efficiency and less gassy babies. Its shape may cause them to be more difficult to clean, however.

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Different types of baby bottles Nipples

Nipples are typically included in baby bottles, however, the nipples are available separately and come in different designs and styles. This is especially helpful for infants who have special food requirements. Test a variety of sizes and styles of nipples before settling on the one that is most suitable for your child.

  • The traditional nipples are bell-shaped nipples made of latex that are found in the majority of infant bottles.
  • Nipples with flat tops: Shaped more like breasts They are bigger in the bulb’s base and also have a larger top.
  • Anti-vacuum nipples are made to prevent colic and gassiness by restricting the amount of air the baby inhales into.
  • Multi-flow nipples can be made to allow for multiple stages of flow (Stage 1. and 2. as an example) inside the Nipple. It is possible to alter the portion of the nipple to regulate the flow.
  • Individually wrapped nipples are useful to wash up but they need to be eliminated after a single-use.

Slow Flow Nipple

With the help of slow flow sippy cups, the slower rate of flow of milk suggests that the baby will be sucking at a slower pace and more often, but not stopping for as long as. If the milk flows too quickly through the nipple, it may result in the baby drinking greater amounts of air. This could cause stomach pain.

Vent or Valve

Find a vent that is open or has a built-in venting system or system that permits air to be released from the bottle. This can reduce the amount of air the baby swallows during eating, which reduces the pressure of the air inside the stomach, which could cause uncomfortable gas and discomfort.

If there isn’t a dishwasher in your home or you need to clean it quickly (who isn’t? ) Pick a product with a built-in valve than one that’s removable so that you don’t need a second item to clean.

What Experts Say

“If your child is one who is gas-sensitive, ensure that you bottle-feed your infant with a clear post. place the bottle horizontally in addition, you should allow frequent intervals of time so you don’t put yourself in danger of feeding the infant too rapidly.

Another way to stop gas from breastfeeding is to regular burping during meals slow and immediately after.


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