Lifestyle in the Uae – What You Must Know Before Moving Here?

villas for rent in UAE.

The UAE is a melting pot of different cultures. People belonging to different cultures, regions, races live here and lead their lives peacefully. And the number of people moving to the UAE from other countries is increasing rapidly. The low crime rate, abundant employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities, and the availability of modern facilities and amenities are some of the many reasons that make people choose the UAE as their second home.

Some prefer apartments when it comes to selecting a residence, while others choose from villas for rent in UAE. It all comes down to one’s individual requirements. However, the fact that your lifestyle is greatly going to depend on your choice of residence and area cannot be neglected.

That being said, let’s know more about lifestyle in the UAE:

A Costly Move

Life in the UAE isn’t exactly cheap. However, it majorly depends on the emirate you have selected. Dubai is the most expensive out of the lot while living in Abu Dhabi isn’t easy on the budget either. If you come from a city like LA or London, you wouldn’t face a lot of problems adjusting to the new lifestyle with respect to the budget, provided your salary matches the lifestyle.

Picking Sharjah out of the seven emirates is the safest choice if you desire to live closer to the happenings in Dubai while cutting down your living costs. The reason? Sharjah is located closer to Dubai and can be reached in half an hour. And there’s a significant difference in the living cost between these two emirates. Having said that, driving to and from Dubai and Sharjah can be quite tough during peak hours. So, prepare yourself for the daily grind if you plan to make this move.

A Cultural Shock

Moving to the UAE may give you a cultural shock. This again depends on where you move. Dubai is a rather modernized metropolis where there aren’t many regulations related to attire. However, PDA, public nudity, profanity, and drinking may get you in trouble. Drinking, however, is not against the law, provided you’re doing it in licensed bars and not driving afterward.

Up till recently, there were strict laws pertaining to sharing a room with a person of the opposite sex or having a child out of wedlock. However, these laws have been reformed. But they are applicable in Dubai only.

So, you may find some laws regressive in other emirates. Also, you will be required to dress modestly there. Thus, make your pick wisely.

Life in the UAE for Women

While it’s commonly believed that women in the UAE are suppressed and lead a rather orthodox lifestyle. This, however, isn’t exactly true. They enjoy as much liberty as men. For example, women can run businesses, drive, attend functions, move around the Emirate alone, drink, and do practically everything they do in the West. And the country is relatively safe for everyone, including women.

villas for rent in UAE.
villas for rent in UAE.

Working in the UAE

Due to the presence of renowned organizations, there are many job opportunities available in the UAE. Also, due to the latest visa reforms, setting up a business here has also become easier since the requirement to have a local sponsor has been abolished. So, you can find work opportunities here provided you have the required qualification and experience.

One thing you need to know is that there are strict laws that must be followed by both employers and employees. They must adhere to the labor law to avoid getting penalized.

Lifestyle in Each Emirate Differs

A total of seven emirates make up the entire UAE. However, most people are only familiar with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Abu Dhabi, being the capital city of the country, along with Dubai, is more popular among those seeking employment opportunities. Dubai, however, enjoys a lot of popularity among tourists as it nestles some of the world-famous landmarks and infrastructures.

Sharjah, too, is quite famous among job seekers and has its share of tourist attractions. But it has a rather laidback environment, with the cultural side more on the forefront.

Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah are other emirates of the UAE. However, they aren’t exactly developed as compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Population in these emirates is also on the lower side.

Speaking of lifestyle, you can enjoy a lavish lifestyle in Dubai since the properties, particularly those in the new developments, are lavishly designed. They come laced with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. Beachfront Villa Rocky Point, in particular, offer a high-quality lifestyle with more exclusivity and privacy. So, if you’re seeking an ultra-luxury lifestyle, you must start looking for villas for rent in Dubai.

There you have it! We hope that information will help you settle in the UAE easily.

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