Main Pluses and Minuses of the Hands-Free Logistics

Nowadays it’s so easy to transport cargo from point A to point B. You have to find a proper freight delivery service, place an order, and your items will be transported as soon as possible. The logistics industry is constantly altering and developing. Brokers experience innovative technologies and implement new modes of transportation.


More and more transportation companies tend to phase out the use of the human workforce. They find it more convenient and cost-effective. They prefer to implement bots or robots to perform a wide range of tasks.   


Pluses You Can’t but Appreciate

Innovative technologies can’t but benefit the development of the freight forwarding industry. Nowadays lots of repetitive and boring tasks such as labeling or packing of the cargo are performed by various robots. 


There are copious advantages you are to consider when thinking about hands-free logistics. First of all, it allows freight forwarders to reduce costs. Versatile equipment and tools are able to perform much more tasks than humans do. It’s not necessary to hire workers and pay them wages every month. It’s enough to purchase the needed equipment only one time and maintain its proper functioning.  


The next essential plus is the possibility to deal with extra complicated and intricate orders. There are some textures and substances that are extra dangerous for people. The use of special technologies allows forwarders to cope with such orders with minimal risks and fewer efforts.   


A third plus is a limited number of human errors. Even the best managers are able to make mistakes. For instance, they may confuse addresses or names. As a result, the parcels are delivered too late.


The final plus is especially important when it comes to expedited freight services. All the operations are performed faster. It’s possible to reduce the total delivery time. Some freights may be delivered even within several hours.             


Crucial Minuses

Alongside copious advantages, hands-free logistics possess some significant disadvantages you have to take into account. The most crucial ones of them are the following:


  • An increase in the level of unemployment.

More robots mean fewer workers. It’s not a good financial phenomenon especially nowadays when a wide range of industries is going through difficult times.   

  • Possible technical glitches.

Although the use of robots minimizes the number of human mistakes, technical glitches are still possible. They are able to lead to negative consequences such as financial losses or broken deadlines. One of the most effective ways to cope with this problem is to implement AI and machine learning technologies. They are to adjust to the altering environment.     


  • The absence of human warmth.

It sounds weird but even the clients of freight forwarding agencies are looking not only for excellent services. They need excellent customer support. If something goes wrong, clients desire to contact a human manager to get clear explanations. 


So, it goes without saying that modern business owners are to benefit from hands-free logistics. There are lots of cost-effective solutions. They are able to please even the most demanding clients and help forwarders to fulfill complex orders.

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