The Expert Way To Clean Window Curtains And Drapes

When cleaning your curtains, you need to make sure that you are not ruining the fabric of the curtains. There are different experts ways to clean window curtains and drapes:

  1. Dry Cleaning

This method is just as the name implies. If your curtains are made out of polyester or synthetic fabric, you can use this process to clean them. You will take the drapes to a cleaner and let them run them through their machines. They must give you back your drapes quickly because they are usually dry at this point.

  1. Dry Soaking

This process is simple and easy for anyone to do. You will want to start with a large sink or tub with water. Add some mild detergent soap into the water, and then place your drapes in there. You need to let the drapes soak for about four hours. After they have soaked, you can take them back out and scrub them with a cloth.

Once this is done, rinse the curtains until all of the soap is gone from them, and then you will want to hang them out on a clothesline to make sure that they are dried completely before you put them back up.

  1. Take Them To A Cleaner

You can also have your drapes cleaned by professionals if you are not comfortable doing them independently. These cleaners will know exactly what to do to get the dirt, grime, and dust out of all of those small crevices that normal washing can’t get to.

  1. Wash Them In The Washing Machine

It is a great way to make sure that your drapes are clean. All you need is a good detergent, some bleach if needed, and a few towels in the washing machine with the curtains. Wash them on a gentle cycle and then dry them in the sun until they are completely dry. If you want to use this method, however, it’s best to take them to a professional cleaner first to treat any stains or spots on the curtains.


  1. Hand Washing

It is an option for some people but not all. You will need a large sink or tub to do this in. Fill the sink up with some warm water, add the detergent, and then gently wash your curtains with your hands. Make sure that you are very gentle when cleaning them because they can be fragile.

You must take proper care of your curtains and draperies because they will be one of the key elements in making your house look presentable. If people come in and out of your house frequently, having well-maintained drapes will make a huge difference in how they feel about your house.

If you need cleaning drapes or curtains, it might be a good idea to hire professional cleaners to get the job done. Also, look for experts who can handle body corporate cleaning, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, and other related services.

Remember that choosing the right company is always half the battle when dealing with home improvement projects. Make sure you get quotes from several companies and read customer reviews before settling on a company.

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