6 Benefits of Gaming on PS4 Over Xbox One

playstation over xbox

Both PS4 and Xbox one consoles offer a variety of features and have their own unique aspects. However, in terms of overall gaming experience and product quality, PS4 is way better in our opinion. The fact that PS4 outsells Xbox by a ratio of 2:1 almost every year proves that there is something different and better about these consoles.

In this article, we will show you why we believe PS4 is better than Xbox or any other gaming console for that matter, so stick with us.

Here are a few benefits of PS4 over Xbox one that makes this a better choice for professional gamers:

  • Friendly UI

The UI of PS4 is simple yet more effective. It displays every icon on the main screen and there is no need for you to click several times just to get to your game. There are no unnecessary widgets or confusing menus.

Everything is purposely made simpler so that even young gamers who are unskilled can learn the controls faster. Unlike Xbox one, it takes very little time and effort on your part to find and run your game on PlayStation 4.

  • Customizable Storage

In addition to its very high internal storage, the PS4 also allows its users to connect external drives for playing games. Apart from that, you can also swap the existing storage drive with a better one having more capacity.

This freedom of storage customization allows players to run any game they want without worrying about the storage space running out. They can install high memory games like poe ninja build, and similar without any storage issues whatsoever.

  • VR Connectivity

The Xbox has not yet announced the VR headset for their consoles. On the other hand, the newer PS4 comes with a built-in VR headset that you can use to play games in a virtual environment.

The VR and PS4 combo is a little expensive but considering its performance and user experience it is worth every penny. PS VR already has a strong collection of games like Batman, FarPoint, and Residential Evil, etc. and new ones are being added by the day.

The future looks pretty bright in terms of virtual reality games with PS4 while the Xbox doesn’t seem to have a solid plan for it at the moment.

  • Slim Design

The overall design of the PS4 is slim and ergonomic. It takes up less space while giving your more power and features for playing even heavier games. The Xbox one has various parts on its rear which need more space while in the case of PS4 everything comes in a single unit which is better in quality.

  • High-Quality Default Controllers

The controllers that come with the PS4 are much easier on your hands and they last longer. This has to do with their sleek design and strong build material. The controllers are very easy to connect and they stay in place even when you move vigorously while playing the games for hours.

These controllers have gone through a number of quality tests and they are definitely sturdier than any other console controllers out there including Xbox and Nintendo.

  • Exclusive Third-Party Deals

With this console, you also get to play awesome third-party games like PUBG, Tomb Raider, etc. The games are incorporated so well into the system that they seem like Sony PS4 exclusives instead of third-party games. Thus, with PS4 consoles you get more variety of games to play which allows you to expand your horizon.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the few ways PS4 is way better than Xbox. No matter you are a new gamer or you have been playing games for a long time PS4 consoles have something to offer to every player. The designs are economic, the build material is strong, and to top everything off they have a very friendly user interface. Visit Web-acces for more information.

So, we suggest you pick PS4 as your next gaming console for the best gaming experience. We really hope this stuff helps in making your gaming better and we wish you lots of luck in choosing the right console for yourself.

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