HBL to Deploy POS Terminals at NADRA Centers Nationwide


In its latest initiative, HBL has announced that it will deploy POS terminals at NADRA Centres nationwide. The new devices will accept both credit and debit cards. The move is a significant step towards improving Pakistan’s digital infrastructure and supporting the agency’s goal of implementing digital identification systems throughout the country. In addition, HBL will also continue to serve as the main account/collection bank for NADRA Centers, with more than 600 operational accounts open at its branches.

The move follows a recent partnership between HBL and NADRA, which will help the organization digitally transform its identity systems. By offering multiple payment options for NADRA applicants, HBL will increase its digital footprint in the country. In addition to its POS terminals, the bank has integrated biometric and Verisys verification technology to verify clients’ identities and conduct transactions. This partnership has resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy in the NADRA registration process.

The deployment of POS terminals at NADRA Center locations is designed to enhance the convenience of citizens in accessing various government services. These centers have a significant amount of public traffic, and a more convenient and secure payment solution for these customers would make their life easier. The POS terminals would also help the agency better serve citizens by providing them with more payment options. In addition, the new POS terminals will help streamline the application process.

In an effort to support the organization’s efforts toward a digitally-enabled identification system, HBL has been awarded the POS terminals mandate by the National Database and Registration Authority. The POS terminals will enable users to use their credit or debit cards at NADRA Centers. Both the State Bank of Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan have recommended that HBL be selected for the project. In addition to deploying POS terminals, HBL also provides biometric verification systems to financial institutions. On the occasion, the CEO of HBL and the Chairman of NADRA, Tariq Malik, signed an agreement.

POS terminals are a crucial part of the country’s digital infrastructure. POS terminals are widely used for various payments, and HBL will be the primary provider of the hardware for the installation of POS terminals at the center counters. This initiative will allow citizens to pay for various services by using a variety of payment methods. This, in turn, will enable a more secure and convenient digital environment and reduce fraud at NADRA Centers.

A number of companies have already received the POS terminals mandate from the NADRA Centers. The use of POS terminals will help the agency to digitize its identification systems. In a new initiative to help promote digital infrastructure, HBL will deploy POS terminals at the NADRA Centers across Pakistan. It is a significant step in the digital transformation of the country’s financial system.

The company will also help NADRA improve its digital infrastructure by installing POS terminals in its NADRA Centers. The partnership with NADRA is an important step towards promoting digitalization in Pakistan. The HBL POS terminals will not only provide various payment options for users, but also facilitate the adoption of a single payment method. A number of other strategic programs with NADRA are currently being implemented.

The installation of POS terminals will help NADRA Centers accept credit and debit cards. In addition, it will improve the accuracy of its accounting records. The company also plans to offer a wider range of currencies. In addition to accepting credit and debit cards, HBL will also accept cash. In addition to facilitating payment options, the POS terminals will be useful for those who wish to pay with their credit or debit cards.

HBL will also deploy POS terminals at NADRA Centres to accept credit and debit cards. The new systems will be installed in all NADRA Centers across the country, following recommendations from the State Bank of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan. The agreement was signed by the chairman of NADRA and the CEO of Habib Bank Limited, Muhammad Aurangzeb. Several senior officials of both organizations were present at the event.

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